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WYNN QUOTES - Away From The Noise

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"There's The Right Thing To Do, And There's The Right Thing To Do...." 

I write this with without judgment, or bias. Most things in our lives are not cut and dry for most of us. We all do have those few things that are within us that are absolute. But an open mind can see the value of any side of a problem.  I feel there are not many qualities as alluring as someone who can see a situation, make their decision or form their opinion and still have respect for those who don't see it their way.  All without malice or to judge.  And in turn, feel good about their decision and the decision others may have made.

I feel there is a sentence that can help get us there, and that's the above quote.  Being humble and grounded enough to fully understand that there are certain occasions that there is a true clear and right thing.  The right thing is not always the easy thing. In fact, many times it's damn hard.  Agendas, feelings, ulterior motives, money, power and different value systems get in the way. That's why it's so hard for many to see a correct way when there clearly is one.

But the satisfaction of knowing you did right even though it was tough to swallow, is uniquely a human feeling. It generally goes with being kind and kindness is strictly human.  Many things can be nice, only humans can be kind.  Should be noted that there is nothing wrong with a strong opinion, or conviction on any matter. But life is better viewed out a picture window, and not a porthole.  

And when all is quiet, when we are away from the group noise, we can really hear ourselves calmly think, we always know what is right, and what is right. 

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