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WYNN QUOTES - When Ordinary Just Won't Do

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"Being only for the brave."

I was recently looking at my Facebook feed and ran across a status from a couple of people stating they were celebrating an anniversary of what I gathered was a sobriety of some kind.  It was relatively recent for them, and it was very eloquent.  What a brave thing to do.

I know, we see those kind of posts a lot, and all of them take courage to write. This one made me think of the others in times past I have read, and I had a new respect for the courage it takes to state such a thing in such a forum.  I kind of felt bad for not being as moved from other posts I have seen.  So I learned something, and that's always a good thing.  I learned that being brave, and I mean really being brave, is only for the brave. 

Digging deep and finding incredible courage to do something, be something, or face something is a quality not simply born into us.  It also takes time, maturity, and most times facing a formidable foe of some kind.  Either an addiction, or bad divorce, a sudden death, or a life altering experience.  To admit, we are many times  - the common denominator and are our own worst enemy. That's when we find how tight the fabric we are woven out of  - actually is. Then most of us find the moxie to harness something we had no idea was within us, and stare down the demon, and leave it well behind us. 

My mom used to say, "Never is a long time."  She is right.  I hear people say things like, "I could NEVER do that"  or "Never in a million years."   I say you can, and most of us do at one time or another.  We accomplish, or do something that seems so counter-us, but when given no choice, we choose to be brave. We choose to act, or be extraordinary when being ordinary just won't do.  And to those who write of great life victories publicly that changed their lives, thank you and well done.

Truth is, we are all brave, but many just don't know it yet. 

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