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WYNN - HOT DOG DAY - Fair Warning!

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This is a big week.  I am giving you fair warning on a HUGE holiday next week, so you don't forget.  Pay Day for many this Wednesday, and Amazon Prime Days are this week too.  But as great as all that is, in one week - National Hot Dog Day!  Part of National Hot Dog Month!  We should all have the day off.

Hold the mail, shut down city hall, and back up garbage pick-uo a day, its National Hot Dog Day.  Quite possibly the most perfect food in the world.  I know, there are tons of people who don't like, or eat them, and that's fine.  I respect your feelings and decision, and that means more for us!  Some are troubled by what they are made out of, and that's fine too.  I try not to overthink ANY food, I just order it, and go to work on it.

Hot Dogs are amazing. A perfect tube of sculpted meat, in a crafted carbohydrate sleeve, with condiments on top.  A good All-Beef dog is something to behold. It's delicious, easy to eat, compact, and ready in minutes. Toss in a good bun, and you are really eatin'.  Dogs are a terrific stadium food too, whether you are a Progressive Field, or watching the kids play in the backyard.  They even have Dollar Dog Nights all summer long under normal circumstances.  Notice, they don't have Dollar Broccoli Night, or Dollar Hummus Night, because dogs are incredible, and B and H are OK when you're dieting. 

Hot Dogs are such an institution, we even have the National Hot Dog And Sausage Council! Who knew? These are amazing people, who make far better decisions than most high courts.  They say a hot dog IS NOT a sandwich.  It's in a category by itself!  Correct!  A hot dog can be cooked many ways too. Grilling, hibachi, boiled, steamed, broiled, microwaved.  The versatility of it all!

In July alone, we will eat 1 BILLION Hot Dogs in America!  And 150 MILLION on July 4th alone. They don't have the Worlds Biggest Asparagus Eating Contest, (Although if they did, I'm taking Joey Chesnut). They have the Hot Dog Eating Contest.  Because they are delicious. I'm not so sure 75 at a time is the way to go, but that's another matter entirely.

So buy some Hot Dogs and let's fire up every appliance we own and eat a bunch of 'em.  Because like the NHDSC says, they are in a league all their own!

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