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WYNN - Mac And Cheese

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We celebrate National Mac And Cheese Day this week, the number of ways to enjoy it are only rivaled by the number of people that love it. 

When I first moved into my first apartment all those years ago, I lived on Kraft M/C.  I think it was 19 cents a box then. I would make it about 12 different ways to stretch my budget then.  There are tons of choices now in the M/C battle, but being honest, I like it when we make it now at the house the best!  This is no dis to the box boys, but home made is the best.

There are now thousands of makers of M/C, but I found this way of making it that you may want to try this weekend especially as it takes a little time:  This was AMAZING!

Smoky Jalapeno Popper Mac And Cheese

Or maybe since today is Amazon Prime Day, order one of these:

Stouffer's Mac And Cheese Dispenser

Any way you decide to go, Mac And Cheese is always a favorite.


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