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WYNN - MLB, Strike Zone Whining!

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There is certainly not much the same about this years MLB season as most seasons.  Everything is different, and we certainly hope that all involved find good health for the season and beyond. 60 games, rule changes for one year, no fans, there is a ton different.  But it took about a whole 2 games for some fans to whine about the strike zone again.

This has been a source of talk for years, like a hundred years.  Now, TV puts up a little box on the screen and we think if the ball hits the box, it's a strike, if not  - a ball.  OK, that seems like an idea that helps you see the game better. But there's one problem, the umpire doesn't see that box.  And he calls it the way he sees it. And as long as he's consistent, the players by the 3rd inning or so adjust, and the game goes on. As long as it is called the same on both sides, it's not an issue. But the TV fans don't adjust. They just complain. There are many want an electronic strike zone. I think they don't realize how much they don't want it. Sounds good in theory to some, but it's the mother of all bad baseball ideas.

Part of what makes baseball great is the speculation, the adjustments, the mental aspect of the game. Understanding it's a game of humans, played by same and officiated by humans.  Replay and tech has NOT made the NFL any better, in fact way worse. Just ask the Saints.  I'm OK with timed sports using digital aspects in terms of the clock, and in terms of a score.  The NHL does a nice job, goal or no goal.  The NFL would do well to adopt same plan only, and get rid of all the rest as officiating there is at an all time low by a mile.  MLB, home run or no home run, I get it, tough to see sometimes.  But balls and strikes is too much micro-managing.

Baseballs number one problem with some fans is that it's too long and the games are slow.  I say, allow the umpires to call the high strike and have a more generous strike zone, is easily the fastest way to make the game a lot faster. Far less deep counts, and more swinging of the bats, and the game goes quicker.  That is the key, let the umps move the game along, and the players would adjust.  The players would cry and whine over not hitting 40 homers each because of the tiny strike zone being eliminated, but so what?  

Baseball is a beautiful game that was designed right.  Messing with that aspect of the game wouldn't make it better, just longer.  Some fans want perfection  - History tell us, in baseball perfection is virtually impossible, and that's the beauty of it. 

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