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WYNN QUOTES - Celebrate Your Scars

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"Celebrate your scars...."

When I was about 3, I for some reason was playing with a pair of hand held clippers as my mom worked the the yard.  Somehow I cut my left cheek very badly with them. My mom of course freaked out, took me in and got me stitched up.  I still have that scar.  It's better than it was many years ago, but occasionally someone asks about it.

When I was about 8, my brother and I were playing football in the living room, after being told not to. I promptly hit my head on the piano bench, and split my right eyebrow open. My mom again, freaked out and took me in to get stitched up. I still have that scar, and it's asked about from time to time too.

My left eyebrow is damaged after being struck accidentally by a golf ball that ricocheted off a tree and knocked me out of a golf cart in a freakish turn of events about eight years ago.  I again, went in and got stitched up.

Truth is, we all have scars in one way or another, and I say that's fine. In fact, it's preferable. Having scars whether they are visible to others outwardly or not is a badge of honor. It shows you've been around a while, and have done something meaningful.  Most scars are earned that way.  2 of my facial scar stories, I learned that it paid to listen to mom. Lesson learned - meaningful.  The third, I was doing one of the things I like best in the world.

Surgeries, accidents, injuries, scars are earned in many ways, especially the ones we can't see right away. Those too are earned in a meaningful way for the most part.  Conquering an invisible foe, life's challenges, personal crisis, lots of ways.  Some may call that "baggage".  That is a bold statement from anyone with any age on them, as they many times declare themselves baggage free in the process of stating that sentence.  Yeah, right. There was a time I asked for some help with life's challenges many years ago. Asked for it, got it, used it, and remember it still today. And I am better for it in every way.

So celebrate your scars and know that those around you have them too whether they know it, or will show it or not.  Someone with no scars has not lived fully. I've never covered mine up and never will, and I don't want them fixed.  They are a part of me, the ones you see, and the ones you don't.

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