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WYNN - Wynn Quotes - Leaving Cards On The Table

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"Let your dreams be your guide...

When I hear people talk about their goals, I always wonder if those goals are guided by their dreams.  When you are asked by many in your life what your goals are, we all have a tendency to say things like, climb the ladder of success, make good money, live here, visit here or there, things like that.  And all of that is great.  But is it dream guided?

I firmly feel that if you dream big, you can live big. If your dreams are small, or have none, you'll leave cards on the table at games end. And "big" here doesn't mean rich, it means well, and happy.  Making good money is great, or getting promoted is great, but are you living your dream making it?  We all spend a huge percentage of our lives working at a job and we should all enjoy what we do.  Same for what house you live in, or the people in your life. Live the life you imagine. Although at times, it takes time for those dreams to come true.

That's the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are forever and permanent. Goals are temporary and ever changing.  If you can dream it, you can live it, and pick off goals along the way. I feel, if we make our goals a part of our dreams, than everything will work out the way we dreamed. 

Just make sure the goals you achieve, are surrounded with the promise of a dream come true.

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