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WYNN - A Trip To Amish Country!

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Windy and I had an early birthday celebration (mine) in Amish Country this weekend and we had a ball.  Really fun to step back in time a bit, and see things you don't see every day in Akron.

Parking is a bit different there!

am horse

We stayed in a real nice cabin, ate some terrific food, shopped and explored.  We basically were in Berlin, but as Saturday closed, we ended up at the Breitenbach Winery in Dover and had a blast there too.  Plus, as you can see, we bought a whole lot of cheese at a market with a rubber cow head. Perfect!

Berlins are everywhere!

am signs

So close and so fun.  Take a weekend and visit Amish Country, not everyone is lucky enough to have it so close.

Great cabin!  #WeekendswithWindy

am cabin


am wine

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