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WYNN - When Do You Do It?

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So this is a different kind of year in every regard, so the holidays will be as well.  So it got me wondering this question.

"What rule does your family have for putting up the Christmas tree? Day after Thanksgiving? Day of the first snowfall?"

Do you have a rule?  When I was living alone, there were many years I did not put up a tree, I just enjoyed other people's trees.  They were better than mine anyways.  My friends Don and Terri always had a GREAT tree, and I loved seeing it. (They still do BTW)  My Christmas decorating lasted about 5 minutes, I would go to the basement, grab the beautiful wreathe I had and the spotlight, toss the wreathe on the front door, and hit it with the spotlight.  Being fair, it looked GREAT on my old house. Sometimes I went all out and strung some garland on the sign and porch I had.

This is NOT Our Official Tree, But If Windy Could.......

huge tree

But, when the beautiful, Windy showed up, things changed, and for the better.  She helped me do a tree in my last year in my old vintage home before I sold it and she made it beautiful.  She makes everything beautiful and loves doing it. Our home now feels very Christmassy, and I have to admit, I do like it better than before.

Last Tree In My Old Home -

tree my house

So the answer to the question at our house is generally Thanksgiving weekend. But, the actual answer is when Windy wants to do it, and I'm OK with that.

So, When do you do yours??


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