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WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - Mark Chesnutt

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Chad asked me this week about his favorite growing up, Mark Chesnutt.  He was a favorite of mine too.  It has long been debated about the 1990's, the decade of Garth, Clint, Alan Jackson, George Strait, McGraw, Faith, Patty Loveless, Toby Keith, Shania and other mega stars, what about artists like Chesnutt, Doug Stone, Tracy Byrd, Tracy Lawrence, Joe Diffie and others?  Were they the product of the others gigantic success? OR would they have led the charge in a different time?  That is up for discussion and goes unanswered.  What is not up for discussion, is that Mark Chesnutt is a Honky Tonk Legend.

Lots Of Classics From Chesnutt - A Real Club Favorite


Mark Chesnutt to me, would have been a star in any era, as there is always room for a pure country singer, (ala Jon Pardi).  His music was timeless and simply great. His song choices and delivery were not "flavor of the month."  His music would sound great in any decade, in a Cadillac or a Combine.  He was a real traditionalist deeply rooted in the Texas honky tonks. His incredible gift to us was this. His barroom style songs invoked ultra vivid snapshots in our own minds of people, places and situations within our own lives.  He skillfully painted masterpieces with his music. His warm voice enveloped the country songs he sang, and I don't know if anyone's music ever sounded better out of a jukebox than his.  He was the quintessential "hat act"

Too Cold At Home - One Of My Very Favorite Country Songs


The first time I played his first big song on the radio, Too Cold At Home, I had no idea who he was.  But I knew this. I wanted to hear more, and that song was a major hit, delivered by someone that was going to be around for a while. Sometimes you just know.  During the 1990's Chesnutt went on to chart 29 singles with 17 going to the top five, virtually all to the top 10, and 8 going #1.  I would put his music up against any artist of the decade.  He wasn't flashy he was just good.  He was also blessed with a voice that was unique enough to cut through and you knew that was him.  I believed every word he sang, that is the real musical barometer.  To me, there is very little, if any question he is one of the most underrated country singers ever.

Fantastic Song


And This Absolute Gem  - What A Song! 


Too Cold At Home sold me on him right away, but Brother Jukebox, Bubba Shot The Jukebox, I'll Think Of Something, It Sure Is Monday, I Just Wanted You To Know, all huge hits.  And there were tons more.  He was a CMA winner, and recorded some of the best pure country music of the decade. His albums also featured remade tributes from classic artists like Hank Jr., John Anderson, Conway Twitty, Don Gibson, and even Aerosmith.  He was also the first to record the Garth classic, Friends In Low Places on the Too Cold At Home album in 1990.  His first 6 albums are as good as any artist at any time.

Brother Jukebox - Classic Country



His run through the 1990's was lined with platinum albums as he was part of one of the best decades of country music ever, AND he was one of the clear reasons why.  In an era dominated by literally the biggest artists the format has ever seen, Mark Chesnutt was right there helping make it even better. He was country, he was honky tonk, he was Texas, and he was great.

One Of His Biggest Songs -  Recognize it  - Love His Version


He was Mark Chesnutt.  He is a Honky Tonk Legend.

If you don't know him well, and like your country, "country,"  he is absolutley worth Googling!

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