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WYNN QUOTES - Doing Right

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Quote  -  "Many times there are reasons, beyond the reason...."

During this time of the year, regardless of what it going on in the world, we love to give of ourselves to people and organizations that are in need.  This time of the year that seems to amplified within all of us.  And that's a good thing.

We always feel good about giving, and that's great, but when we give, I always wonder about the cause. They are always undoubtedly good, but I always think of the people within those groups.  Especially the smaller, and more local groups which are the ones I really enjoy supporting.

When someone really dedicates themselves to a charitable cause, there is the obvious reason why.  That would be the people that need help, or the cause or illness that needs to be addressed.  Could be the cause that is local only, or animal welfare, all great things to support and I'm glad that we do.  After we give to them, I find I am just as happy to support the people that are active within the charity, as well as the people or causes that are directly benefiting from it.

The people that work tirelessly with them, or originate them are incredible people, and why do they do it? Many times there is the reasons, beyond the "reason."  Many never say why, but some do. Jerry Lewis dedicated his entire life to MDA and never really stated officially why.  I think that's incredible. That is far more common than we think.  We are afraid to ask sometimes, and really, it's no ones biz anyway.  But I have always found that those are the people I really like to support. They do it, because someone should. To them, it's not about being right, it's about doing right.  Sometimes, it's best not to know, as the reasons can be beyond deeply personal.  That means the dedication to the cause is focused and absolute.

And those are the people I really like supporting. Well done, and thank you!

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