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WYNN - Do You Believe In The Browns?

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For all of us whether you've never seen it, or it's been a long time, we are getting ready to watch the Browns play in the post season.  Yes, the NFL Post Season.  By this time ususally, most of the Browns players have Florida tee times, and in some seasons, we've been eliminated from playoff possibilities by week 7.  

But this year is different, and so are the Browns.  They are different in every way.  The Browns are in, and they didn't "back in."  They earned their place and and now it seems they are taking the next step.  True old saying, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  Good words, and this is the first and single step.  This week clearly has also given the Browns even more challenges  - and that's a shame.  But that's the world we live in right now.

One of the good truths about the Browns is this. They have actually been better for the past couple of years. But with the absolute wrong people at the helm, the Browns ended up face first in the ditch when they shouldn't have.  But now that the "dudes" are long gone, and we have real football adult people at the controls, the Browns are winning, and looking good doing it.  Every one of us deserves this, and we should enjoy this Sunday night.

I'm going to grow very weary this weekend of the networks playing clips of The Drive, The Fumble, and the 2002 Steelers playoff game when we blew at 20 point lead.  I'm going to focus on who we are now.  These are not the Cardiac Kids, or Kosar's Browns.  (Both eras very good).  But these Browns are different.  Better?  We will find out.  The game itself is different now, far more wide open, lots of rule and officiating changes, and the league has become pass happy which is fine.  But these Browns are still old school for the most part - and new school as well.  That is the difference and what could really help them Sunday, and beyond.

I believe in these Browns.  They are certainly not the best team in the league, but they're good.  And the way they are assembled, they could be tough to deal with well beyond this year.  AND they are very well coached.  The only game they lost this year before the game began was week one at Baltimore.  First game from a new head coach to be expected.  But this team is ready to play every week now.  And they will need to be Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Can they beat the Steelers in a playoff game?  Yes. As where other Browns teams of the past 20 years could not.  If the Browns show up -  and be who they are -  they can win this game and move on as the balance of power is slowly shifting in our division.  But will they?  This would be the biggest win in a generation.  The Steelers have had many great moments in recent history and know how to win these kind of games. And being honest and fair, they are THE BEST franchise in all of professional sports.  Their 45 year run of being really good is nothing short of incredible. 

As for the Browns - their moment was finally arrived.  What they do with their moment  - well, we will find out Sunday night inn Prime Time!

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