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WYNN - BUCKEYES - Tonight!

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We can all be excited that our Ohio State Buckeyes are going to play for a national title tonight.  Only two college teams are still playing and we are one of them.

I, like you was not overly surprised they beat Clemson last week, but I think it would be hard to find someone that called for an OSU beat down of one of the "best" college programs in the nation.  The Buckeyes simply played about the perfect football game.  They were faster, stronger, quicker, had more urgency, and they wanted it more.  In sports many times that can only come from one place  -  The heart.

To me, the Buckeyes had the look and resolve of a team that had enough. Enough of never beating Clemson, enough of Clemson Coach Dabo saying OSU was the 11th best college team in America.  And I think they had enough of hearing that they didn't play enough games to be there.  That was big talk from a coach that has built his entire program on beating up the 10 doormats or so in the ACC for the past few years. I understand what Dabo was saying, he just shouldn't have said it as it was bush league, uncalled for, and ill-advised.  Clearly the Buckeyes were listening

It's one thing to think these things about another team or an upcoming opponent.  It's another to actually verbalize it out loud or in the sports media on TV or Social Media.  When you do -  you make it real. Yes, real for minions and the fans who agree with you as you can all have a great screaming session about the injustices of a season where that is as much as the rule as the exception this year.  BUT, you also make it very real for your target, and that's exactly what happened.

The Buckeyes had simply heard enough about the whole thing, so they did what teams of great mental toughness do.  They went out and left no doubt. And if I was Alabama, I would keep my mouth closed about the entire thing.  It's a mute point anyway. I mean it really is. Dabo flapping his yap was the gas the Buckeyes needed in their engine, and he filled the tank. The time for crying over this has long come and gone, now it's time to play football.  And that was last week and that's tonight.

It's never a good idea to awaken a sleeping giant, and then tell him that he doesn't belong because you don't think he does, or more honestly -  you wish he wasn't here. But he is, so lace 'em up tight and let's see what happens.

Because that kind of talk is simply that - talk.  Let's play the game and let it decide who belongs or not.

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