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WYNN - Memorial Day

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Today being Memorial Day we are all thinking food, family, fun, baseball and the usual stuff for a 3 day holiday weekend. Go Tribe, and yes I will have another burger.

But of course it's a day to remember those.  My dad was not killed in WWII, but he did serve.  I know we remember those who gave theirs so we can have ours today.  You may or may not know we have a very special place right in our own backyard that does exactly that.  The Western Reserve National Cemetery is in Rittman/Seville area just a few miles from here in Medina County.  When I discovered it a number of years ago, it got me thinking.

My friend Don's father was a veteran and he was placed here after he died, and I had no idea it was there.  My dad died in 1978 and at that time he stated he wanted no fuss, or grave or anything.  I think he was angry at life being cut short, first by the war, and now lung cancer at 53. So we honored his wishes as he was cremated with no marker anywhere.  But after I saw Rittman, I had to do something.

I got thinking that he lived through extraordinary times and that there needed to be some place on this planet with his name on it, that showed he was here.  I figured we honored his wishes for 35 years, and now it was time for something greater than just his name spoken in the wind.  So, I found his papers and records from WWII and got him a stone in Rittman.

I am proud he is there, and proud of his service. And I am humbled by the thousands of others in Rittman (It's on Rawiga Road, just outisde of Seville and Rittman) and in the 154 other National Cemeteries across America.  

Thank you  - for your everything.

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