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It's the rare day when an artist shows up in Nashville and introduces themselves to us like this.  But we now have Caroline Jones, and I'm glad. She's actually been there for a few years, but it seems this may be her biggest break yet.  And I'll just say it, I'm not making any predictions or promises, but THIS is the kind of song that can get you noticed.

Come In is a sassy, zippy song, with a strong video that showcases it well, and showcases who she is very well.  If you have not heard this song yet, grab a coffee and take a couple minutes hear and see it here.  This video is terrific and so is her performance on it with her singing, guitar playing and her tremendous likeability.

This is just unique enough to really cut through a lot of what's out there. She's here with Shania Twain confidence, as the first songs I thought of as I heard this inititally was Shania's, Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under, and Any Man of Mine from 1995 in its overall feel.  That was her first couple songs, and those were also sassy numbers that were as different as this is. That worked out pretty well.  Who knows? But there is a lot to like here.

This is a very interesting song -  And I want to hear more from her.

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