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Tim McGraw is back with a new song, and it's one of the strangest titles you'll hear, 7,500 OBO.  McGraw is seeming to be making an effort recently to recapture some of the magic of the 1990's with the last few songs, and I'm OK with that.  I feel there will be an audience for 90's country for the foreseeable future and he was one of the driving forces in it.

I loved, I Called Mama, which to me was very 90's driven, and there is a lot to like here with this song.  It's a love and lose song, that will strike a chord with many.  It's a sort of story song, and it is certainly original.  I always think McGraw is great when the songs come directly from his heart.  That is what he does best.  This sounds like it could have been a song from 1996 for him. 

So sit back and grab a coffee and take in a new McGraw song!  (The Video features his daughter)


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