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Monday, 06 August 2018 06:12

Daily Scoop, Week of 8/6/18

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Today is Friday, August 10th- It IS - Keith Urban Day, Shop Online For Groceries Day, National Shapewear Day, Smores Day

New survey says, your teeth is the number one thing you are judged on.

Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming later this month…August 28th.

You can now buy Hubba Bubba flavored gin!

It has been determined that we have the same craving for our phones as we do food and water.


Crocs is closing last of it's manufacturing facilities.

Want kids? Wear boxers. Better for you in that department! Kids or briefs?

At 69, Richard Gere to become a father again. 

Men who love country music get 40% more attention on dating sites

If you are quick to get angry, you overestimate your intelligence...


Today is Thursday, August 9th- It IS - Wear Your Mother's Jewelry Day, National Book Lovers Day, Rice Pudding Day!

The Browns play their first preseason game tonight at the Giants.

80% surveyed now say it is OK to use your phone on the can!

An Amish man started an "Uber" service with his horse and buggy. $5 per ride. 

If your kids can't sleep, Disney has a new sleep hotline to help parents 1-877-7-MICKEY  

New findings say sleeping too much is bad for your health- increases your chance for heart attack or stroke!

New food trend: … If you smoke a watermelon it apparently looks a whole lot like a roasted ham. 

Married with dog? You take more pics of your dog than your spouse.

Country is the country's most listened to music.


Today is Wednesday, August 8th- It IS - Happiness Happens Day, Cat Day, Beer Day! CMA Music Fest airs tonight on ABC at 8 with T Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini hosting…

HBO is reporting a HUGE increase in subscribers in Ohio because of The Browns and Hard Knocks.

There will be male cheerleaders in the NFL this season. First time ever!

HGTV BOUGHT the Brady Bunch house and will return it to it's glory! They are the one’s that out bid Lance Bass!

1 in 8 divorces are caused by – Student Loans. 

A bad marriage is as bad for your health as smoking - especially for men.

About half of women take their shoes of at work, twice as many as men.

If you want to be happier- stop scheduling your free time!

If you GIVE advice to a friend, it makes YOU more successful and confident!


Today is Tuesday, August 7th- It IS - National Night Out, National Psychic Day, Raspberries and Cream Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

The first Hard Knocks with the Browns airs tonight 10pm on HBO.

They are remastering all 242 episodes of Baywatch - in HD!

If you want to be more successful, get a pet. Pet owners have better jobs, and make more money. 

Wine flavored milkshakes are now a thing!

They say that you should put your cheese on your burger AFTER it comes off the grill!

Half of us drink more beer in the summer.

We take in on average about 19 pounds of food per week! All time high!


Today is Monday, August 6th- It IS - Fresh Breath (Halitosis) Day, Assistance Dog Day, Root beer float day

The Final Bridgestone Invitational is over (65 years) – Justin Thomas wins - Tiger hacked

Lebron fans, Vegas says that Lebron's Lakers will win 48 games this upcoming season. (Cavs won 50 last year)

Charlotte Rae, she played Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life passed away- she was 92.

The Witches Wheel at Cedar Point is closing next month. Opened in 1977, and 25 million have ridden it.

You can now buy pickle flavored Doritos.

There’s a Golden Girls cookbook coming out. 

The Happiest state in the country? Minnesota. Least happy? Louisiana.

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