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MOVIE REVIEW - Everybody Wants Some!!

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Sometimes movies are just made for good fun and for no real purpose whatsoever other than make you feel good.  And that is this movie.  This is in limited release, but worth the drive to find it.


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Everybody Wants Some!! Is a retro piece that takes us back perfectly to the Fall of 1980 on a random college campus in Texas.  This is simply a movie that celebrates the times, and the simple pleasures that were that era, and of course growing up. This basically has a no name cast, that are all cast perfectly and reflect with amazing accuracy the young moments that were the dawn of the 1980's as we watched the 70's sunset fade. 

This is the story of 16 well defined guy characters, all on a baseball team living together in two houses on a fictitious college campus in Southeastern Texas.  What the plot is, really all about is these guys drinking, getting high, and chasing young women.  It's sort of like Animal House, Porky's and a few others.  But what makes this really good movie making is, they transport you back to that era with such incredible accuracy, it's almost eerie.  The performances are all spot on by all of these actors, none of them born when this movie was set.  They are all terrific.  The seperator is that Animal House and Porky's were made in that era.

The sets, costuming, and general setting is so slick that you may think you are back in the day. The written dialogue is incredible, as are the social settings and situations.  This is very funny, intelligent, and poignant in many places.  The attention to detail is inpeccable.  Everything is noted, and nothing is left out.  This is so spot on in very regard.  This also has a wonderful soundtrack that you will want in your collection.

Of course, there is a fair amount of really bad language, drinking and recreational drug use.  But this is not targeting today's kids. This is made to take you back to a far more innocent era and remember how you (we) were, and it does.  This is very good movie making, and is a real home run in many ways. 

Everybody Wants Some!!  Take a trip back, you won't regret it. Very, very well done.


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