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OSCAR PREVIEW - Tonight's Picks

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The Oscars are tonight, one of the biggest TV events of the year. Planning on watching? Here is my Oscar preview.  I will give you my choice as to the best performances, and then the likely winner.

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Best Picture 

My Pick - I loved  Hell Or High WaterJeff Bridges led a real nice cast in a very topical story. I am also partial to Manchester By The Sea. Great cast and a very powerful story. That movie also contained the single best scene of any movie this year.  To me, those were the two best flicks of the year, neck and neck.

Likely Winner - LA LA Land is going to win a bunch tonight and more than likely the biggest prize.  -  But Hollywood also LOVES Hidden Figures.  Keep your eye on that one.  I loved LA LA Land, and I was not on the Hidden Figures train as much as many.  Good movie just not great.  LA LA Land is amazing.

Best Actor  

My Pick  - Casey Affleck from Manchester By The Sea.  Huge role, great movie, and he was amazing. Perfect casting of him in this role as an enigmatic character you have never seen before.  Performance of a lifetime.

Likely Winner Denzel Washington for Fences.  An staggering amount of difficult dialogue, he was terrific.  Probably the largest role of the year in any movie.

Best Actress

My Pick -  Natalie Portman for Jackie.  This will more than likely be the best role she ever does, even though she is a past Oscar winner for Black Swan.  She brought Jackie Kennedy to life in an incredible way.  Highly authentic.  I was blown away.

Likely Winner Emma Stone for LA LA Land.  This movie will win a bunch, and this is one of them. She was terrific in a role that was semi-autobiographical for her. Her heart and soul were on display for all of us to see.  She has come a long way since Easy A.

Best Supporting Actor

My Pick -  Michael Shannon for Nocturnal Animals.  The most authentic performance of the year.  A terminally ill cop from rural Texas trying to solve one last murder case before he dies. He was the gas in the engine of this movie.  Senastional, simply sensational.

Likely Winner - Mahershala Ali for Moonlight.  Hollywood loves this movie and his performance. This is going to be one of the most popular moments in tonight's show.

Best Supporting Actress

My Pick  - Viola Davis for Fences.  She was powerfully superb in a role that was opposite the gigantic role of Washington.  She was simply amazing.

Likely Winner - Viola Davis for Fences.  But keep your eyes on Michelle Williams for Manchester By The Sea.  One scene in that movie could win her an Oscar.


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