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MOVIE REVIEWS - New This Week March 11

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There's something for everyone this weekend at the flicks!


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Kong Skull Island

Here comes King Kong yet again, rebooted and good to go with an all star cast to back him up.  This stars John Goodman, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larsen, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Rielly and many more in this story of discovering Kong deep in the South Pacific on Skull Island.

Kong looks to be in good shape, and that's saying something after 84 years have passed since his big screen debut.  This is simply escapism.  Kong is discovered, and he still basically wants to be left alone, except man, keeps butting in.  Kong is still a sympathetic character with emotions, as well as strength, and boy does he have strength.   Kong is bigger and better than ever. The CG is terrific here, and there is planty of action, and yes, there is plenty of Kong.

This is available to you in various formats, including IMAX, and 3D.  I saw it in 3D,  and being honest I'm not sure it added to the experience. But you can be the judge for yourself.

They've been making Kong Movies for 84 years, much has changed since this clip in 1933

Kong, clearly he's been working out and has accepted his role again as one of cinemas most enduring characters.  Kong Skull Island, simply fun escapism, go have fun.


The Shack 

This was a gigantic book, and now it's movie, and a spiritual one at that.  Perfect and I mean perfect example of a movie critics will hate and patrons will love.  Are there better movies? Absolutely!  But this is getting a bad national rap.

This is the story of Mac, who suffers unimaginable loss in life, and he loses his way with himself, his wife, and family.  He then decides to go on a solo journey back to the scene that is the source of all of his pain, a place called, The Shack.  While there, he has a weekend long encounter with God, and Jesus - themselves in person.    Their goal is to heal Mac, and mend his life and family.

Flat out, this will be far too spiritual for some.  This does get off to a slow start, and makes a few silly flubs, but it does gather itself.  This is far too long at 2:15.  But it does offer a Mac's look inside of his own belief system, and will bring comfort to some who may struggle in every day life.  It is a bit too much like a sermon at times, but is not a deal deal breaker.

The Shack.  Great? No.  But not the tanker national critics want you to think.


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