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Give Them A Trophy!

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As this is being written, many will say this is a silly idea.  But if you hang with me here, and really think about this honestly, it starts to make sense.

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As a movie buff all my life I will stand behind this statement, that the time has come to finally give King Kong and GodzillaHONORARY Oscars.  Not acting Oscars clearly, but for lifetime achievements.  The continued success of both of these characters is nothing short of amazing and unmatched.  Kong did it again this week, raking in another 100 million or so.   And to those of the "elite set"  in Hollywood that would think this to be below them, or undignified, I say the following.  Get over it, they are icons!  Here's the case for each.

They have been making Kong movies for 84 years!   Godzilla for 63, for a combined 147 years!  Think about that.  Godzilla has appeared in more movies that any other character in movie history. Kong brings throngs to theaters, and will keep doing so when he and Godzilla team up in the same movie in 2020.  Look, I know that they are characters, but the Oscars would be an amazing tribute to the countless people over many decades and generations who brought those characters to life. From clay-mation, to the guy in the suit, to the incredible CG of today.  

Kong and Godzilla have been enough of an inspiration to thousands, within Hollywood to be all they can be.  From directors, to producers, to the special effects guys, to the long list of popular actors over the years who line up to star alongside them, to the studios who put up the money bring them back to life.

Both too are wonderful characters. Kong of course, is the lonely, sympathetic giant that only wants to be left alone, protect what is his, as he is the last of his kind.  Virtually every successful "monster movie" and many other tragic movies, have drawn inspiration from the original King Kong from 1933.  Kong died for what he thought was important as he was a victim of man's greed.  You felt amazingly sorry for him.

Godzilla was created from man's testing of Nuclear Weaponry in post war WWII.  He was the first of his kind and now wants to keep the balance that the world seems to need.  The original Godzilla was absolutely an anti-nuclear weapon movie as it was made just a few years after Hiroshima, and takes place in Japan.  He is a victim again, of man's encroachment on his environment.  Also Godzilla's iconic roar, is considered to be the most famous sound effect in movie history.

Somehow these two characters have endured a century and half of movie making. From the originals, to the silly ones with the guys in the suits, to the incredible CG of today. Kong and Godzilla still captivate new generations of movie goers well into this century.

And to the "elites" that may claim this undignified?  Each individually have made more movies than them over a far longer period of time. They look better now than 50 years ago, (can they say the same?).  They have been seen by FAR more patrons, and have made infinitely more money than them.  And being more than honest, are probably far more loved, and have portrayed characters as, or more substantive than them.

Would be a cool thing to do. The time has come.   I think that 147 years of successful movie making is long enough to wait.


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