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MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now

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The better movie season is finally here, and let's see what's new for you this week at the flicks!


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Justice League

I really wish I had better news on this one, but Justice League misses the mark.  This brings together numerous DC characters to save the world, with the main plot revolving around Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)  and Batman. (Ben Affleck).

This is what you would think it is.  A huge CG fest that at times looks like a video game, with our characters fighting for good, and for screen time.  The action scenes are long, drawn out and a bit clunky with no real flow to them.  This is also the basic formula you would expect, about 40 minutes of team building and about 90 minutes of action sequences.

To its credit, it's not too long checking in at about 2 hours. And this movie knows its audience, and could care less about what the critics say, as it will bring in a ton this weekend, and for the next few weeks.  And they are counting on it, as the budget was about 300 million. 

Justice League.  This is NO Wonder Woman, that for my money is the best superhero movie ever.  But fans will be ready for this one, as where many of the rest of us will simply tolerate it.


Good to see Julia Roberts back on the screen in the new very good, Wonder.   Roberts stars with Owen Wilson, and a really nice young actor, Jacob Tremblay in a well told story about a young boy named Auggie who is badly disfigured since birth.  His struggle to integrate into middle school is the plot here, and his acceptance, or not.

This movie is so relevant to pretty much any parent in today's world, and the struggle they have many times with any kid today.  This takes on bullying, and abandonment, the school systems, and parenting, or the lack thereof.  Even though Auggie clearly has more mountains to climb in middle school than most kids, this flick does a remarkable job of making it for everyone.

Tremblay as Auggie is amazing, and Roberts and Wilson as his caring parents are terrific too. This is a nice movie the for the most part is very family friendly, without looking like a "family" movie.

Wonder.  Great!

Daddy's Home 2

Real quick.  This movie knows its fan base and what they think is funny, and that's to it's credit.  But I think many have to draw the line at drunken 9 year olds, and the continuation of more of the same with this cast.

The original cast is joined this time by Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, and John Cena, but it makes no difference.  There is nothing new here, despite a could of funny scenes.

Daddy's Home 2.   Too many.


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