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There are a few new movies out, and lets see whats new for you!

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Life Of The Party

Melissa McCarthy stars in a new comedy that really needed not to be made.  McCarthy again picks a movie where she is used wrong, and quite frankly, she has outgrown this kind of sophomoric drivel.

She plays a woman whose daughter is attending college, and after her husband decides to divorce her, she decides to go back to college and finish up her senior year that she didn't 20 years ago.  You can see where this is going.  Plenty of drinking, parties, recreational drug usage, and of course hooking up with college boys.

This just isn't funny.  Way too much needless dialogue that McCarthy is making up, and it just doesn't work.  Yeah, there's a sight gag or two that works, but it's not enough.  This is not funny, original or anything mildly entertaining.

Life Of The Party.   McCarthy needs three things. A new agent.  To stop making these kind of movies, and to stick to ensemble pieces where she is generally very good.  This is horrible. 

Breaking In

Here comes a movie that checks in at a very tidy 88 minutes, and it's a good thing.  Gabrielle Union stars, and produced this flick, and this too misses the mark.  This is the story of a woman, trying to save her kids who have been taken and locked inside a fortress of a house by a gang of horrible guys who want to rob this home of its supposed cash fortune inside.

Union is appealing enough, but this really smacks of a Lifetime movie, and not the big screen.  This script has tons of holes in it, and most of this does not add up.  Plus, you generally know the entire time the eventual outcome of this, another outcome would have been socially unacceptable.  And for a simple movie, this really drags at times. Even though 88 minutes is very short, an hour,  would have been sufficient.

This movie has been made in one way, dozens of times before, and there is nothing original here, or compelling.  This is a rental, at best in 90 days.

Breaking In.  Broken.


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