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Lets get you caught up on what's out there right now.

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Sicario 2 : Day Of The Soldado

The original was a very good movie, and so is this one. This is one of those movies that has no good guys whatsoever.  This deals with the drug cartels, who are awful.  The secret part of the US Government , and they are awful.  Corrupt police north and south of the US/Mexican border.

This is the second in what is turning out to be a series, as this is set up for more.  This time the US kidnaps a cartel leaders daughter in the effort to start a civil war between the cartels in Mexico.  The effort is being made because in our movie, the president has deemed the cartels, terrorists.  And we must engage theme south of the border.

Needless to say, this goes wrong.  Violent, harsh, not easy movie watching. But very good, and puts you on a slow burn that keep you watching.  A hard R rating, and well deserved.  The first one was good, this is very good.



Uncle Drew

This is the new basketball movie that stars Kyrie Irving, and a bunch of other ex-NBA stars, that is a sort of live action semi-version of the 1990's classic, Space Jam.  Being honest, this looked real bad on first trailer view.

This is not going to win one award anywhere, but you will laugh. The full theater did at the screening I went to.  This is pretty darn funny.  I laughed a bunch.  This movie is plain and simple escapism that shows you a good time for your money.  My hope is, that this is the only one they will make, as it could not hold up another.

All in all, this works.  It's not perfect, it's just fun.  Sometimes we need to just slow down, and let funny be funny, and not really worry about art.  This movie is OK, and good for a few laughs, way better than I ever thought this would be.


Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom

Well it is making money hand over claw, but its a shame this is not a better movie. This 5th installment of the 25 year old series is a far cry from the masterpiece that was the original. In fairness, you do get all the dinosaurs you could possibly want as there is not a shortage of action sequences.  Trouble is, that's about all we get.

This movie is the poster child for movies made for an attention shortened audience. It moves from one action scene to another leaving story holes a plenty, and character development in the dust.  This movie also feels kind of bad.  There is no real awe, or joy in seeing this. It's dark, agenda laden, and just not the fun experience it should be.

This is not summer escapism. This is very intense at times and some of this may be a bit too much for the too young.  Is this a bad day at the movies?  No.  But this franchise is a beacon for one that has run its course. But there will be more.


Oceans 8

The trend continues this week, where there was far more thought put into who would be in this movie, than what they would say in it.  Oceans 8 boasts a huge cast, and that is supposed to carry the day.  And it did to the tune of a 41 million dollar opening weekend. too bad the budget was 150 million for this.

This is a disturbing trend right now in Hollywood.  Big casts, and projects, and terrible scripts.  This is not a bad day at the movies, but this should have been way better.  There also may be some "Oceans" fatigue too, but this is simply falling short.

Anne Hathaway is really great here, as she did a lot with the little that was given to her, but she can't make this great. This will have to settle for average.


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