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Here's what's new for you this week.   Coming Soon  -  Mission Impossible


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Equalizer 2

I would ask you this.  Pay no real attention to the stuffy national critics on this one, they are being unkind and have ridiculous expectations here.  If you go, you will like his flick.  Denzel is back as the complicated Robert McCall.

This is a summer action flick with a brain.  McCall is still called by his troubled past to help those who can't help themselves. This does lose a bit of focus at times and winds off course a bit.  So what?  Refreshing that we have a movie that is adult, and McCall is taking on real people, that live in our world today.  And being even more fair, he is fighting to help the ONE person and not save the universe from some creature that can fly and has rays flying out of his eyes. It could be that fantasy, animation, and superhero movies have gotten so plentiful, many have forgotten how to watch movies.

This has been updated nicely, and looks great. Antione Fuqua is a great director and his mark is all over this. Denzel is terrific, and so is the supporting cast.  Yes, this is plenty violent, but his business is messy. This is handled very well, and is not gratuitous. Not all movies are made to win Oscars, and this won't, but you'll like it. McCall is one of the best characters developed in this genre in a while. This movie is also very aware and dares to take on real, touchy social issues as well, and does it very well. All at the same time not having an agenda.  We need movies that are more human based for grown ups to see.

Equalizer 2 -  Nothing wrong here.  Hoping for more.



The Rock just keeps making movies that people want to see.  This is one of them.  This is nothing except summer thrills and fun.

I can't even say this is a good movie.  But what I can say this is an entertaining movie, especially in the summertime.  The Rock is trying to save his family from the world's tallest building that is on fire, and under attack by terrible people.   Can we love this guy any more?

This is filled with sweaty palmed moments and we are almost falling 3,000 feet many times. This movies along nicely and is compelling in its action, as opposed to its underlying plot, which is adequate at best.   But you won't care. This is summer fun action with a smile.  And a good, fun action flick is right on time right now

Ant Man And The Wasp

Yet MORE Superheroes

Sacario 2

The original was a very good movie, and so is this one. This is one of those movies that has no good guys whatsoever.  This deals with the drug cartels, how are awful.  The secret part of the US Government , and they are awful.  Corrupt police north and south of the US/Mexican border.

This is the second in what is turning out to be a series, as this is set up for more.  This time the US kidnaps a cartel leaders daughter in the effort to start a civil war between the cartels in Mexico.  The effort is being made because in our movie, he president has deemed the cartels as terrorists.  And we must engage theme south of the border.

Needless to say, this goes wrong.  Violent, harsh, not easy movie watching. But very good, and puts you on a slow burn that keep you watching.  A hard R rating, and well deserved.  The first one was good, this is very good



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