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The past few weeks have been a bit slow at the movies, but there are some big flicks on the way.  - The Predator / A Simple Favor 



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Here comes Jennifer Garner as our revenge hero, Riley North in Peppermint.  Hard to see the national critics be more cruel to this movie than they are. They hate it - hard!  And there are some things about this movie that are problematic.   There a few gaping holes in the plot.  This is fact.  But, showing the total detachment from Hollywood Critics, about 85% of fans who saw it - Loved it.

North is a young mom, whose family s gunned down in a drive by shooting, and she reemerges 5 years later as a highly trained killer, and she is gonna make it right but cleaning out the gang that did the shooting, the cartel that backs them, and the corrupt officials that dismissed the court case.   How did our soccer mom get these skills?   We don't know, and that's a problem.  Yes, there are too many cliche's, yes this isn't great, but -   Audiences LOVE a vigilante flick, and love watching the wrongs made right. They will root for the underdog every time.

This is mindless vigilante entertainment. Garner is fine as the angry North, and the supporting cast is as well.  The writing here is mediocre at best, but the formula works for the audience.   If you go, you'll like it because you like her, and the idea of her.  Very violent, angry and action based.  Peppermint, critics hate  -   you may love.    And this is set up for more. 


Crazy, Rich Asians

It has been a long time since a true romantic comedy has really been a factor at the box office, but this one is.  This is terrific.

This is the story of a crazy rich Asian family and the "normal" woman who is about to marry into it. This is rally creative, and is wonderfully written as it walks the fine line between comedy and parody. This feels very good, and is set in the same manner as rom-coms were years ago.  This is not vile, or raunchy at any point. It has a story to tell, and does it well.  Incredible use of music, wonderfully filmed in Singapore and just flat out entertaining.

This is a breath of fresh air that virtually anyone can enjoy.  Plus, this is right on time and should enjoy strong success right through the early fall, as word of mouth will be big on this.

Crazy, Rich Asians.  Really well done!


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