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Many mild hits being released the past few weeks.   Coming Soon though  -  A Star Is Born  10/5

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A Simple Favor

This is good.  This is real good. This is a small movie with a big story, and should not be missed, but sadly, it will be.

This is a twisted story of two women, and a man that you have not seen before. It's a thriller, it's a thinking persons flick.  Two women, one very prim, one very not.  One man, who is wishy washy.  Murder, money, love, sex, this adult movie targeted movie has it all.  You are thinking the whole time who is setting who up for the huge 4 million dollar insurance pay out.

This has a great cast lead by Anna Kendrick, Henry Golding, and Blake Lively.  They are all terrific as our leads, and the entire supporting cast is great, as is the writing, the editing, and the incredible music soundtrack that is used sparingly, but highly effective.  This is skillfully directed, and has the feel of a movie that virtually everyone that will see it, will like it. Problem is, these kind of movies many times get lost in the animation and superhero shuffle.

But if you can go see this. Very, very good.


The Predator

When Hollywood is out of ideas, they turn back the clock.

(Language prohibits trailer to be posted here)


The Nun

Continuation of The Conjuring series.  If you haven't seen the first couple, catch up first.


Crazy, Rich Asians

It has been a long time since a true romantic comedy has really been a factor at the box office, but this one is.  This is terrific.

This is the story of a crazy rich Asian family and the "normal" woman who is about to marry into it. This is rally creative, and is wonderfully written as it walks the fine line between comedy and parody. This feels very good, and is set in the same manner as rom-coms were years ago.  This is not vile, or raunchy at any point. It has a story to tell, and does it well.  Incredible use of music, wonderfully filmed in Singapore and just flat out entertaining.

This is a breath of fresh air that virtually anyone can enjoy.  Plus, this is right on time and should enjoy strong success right through the early fall, as word of mouth will be big on this.

Crazy, Rich Asians.  Really well done!



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