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Slow weekend as far as new openings are concerned, but Halloween is still strong as and the box office is starting to shape for fall.

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Well, it's 40 years later and this series is still going and still a hit.  This version picks up 40 years after the original, and attempts to take us to back to the original,  story to a degree.

Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this, and still plays the same character as she did in the original, and she has a score to settle with Micheal Meyers who has been in jail for 40 years, but is now out as he has escaped.  Some of this really works, and some of this really doesn't.  My biggest problem is simply this.  Somehow, Micheal Meyers who is now 60-plus is still the awesome force he was then.  You can shoot him, run him down with a car, and about anything else, and he's not even phased.  And that doesn't work!

There is a nice "creepy" factor to this and there is wonderful use of the incredible soundtrack as well.  This looks good, and outside of the Meyers gaffe, and overall there is a decent script the work with here. But in the end, the star of this movie, is the nostalgia that surrounds it.  Fans love the idea of this as much as any frame of this movie.

Halloween.  Tons of hype.


First Man

This is a huge role for Ryan Gosling and he delivers in the new Neil Armstrong bio-pic, First Man. Armstrong, of course the first human to walk on the moon, was a very complicated man, and this pic dares to go there.  This is more than just a NASA flick, it shows Armstrong in all facets of his life in the heat of the space race.  And to its credit, they show a man who is amazing, and very flawed at the same time.

This deals with his personal life, as much as his life as an astronaut.  The severe ups and downs he was dealing with both as a professional and as a husband and father.  What we have is a man who is not the warmest muffin in the tin, and one that takes tragedy and decides to lose himself in his work.  This also shows the extreme pressure the entire NASA family was under during the Gemini and Apollo Programs, as that is part of the story.

Gosling is terrific, and so the the very large supporting cast.  This takes us back beautifully to the Saturn V days of NASA, and the sets, costuming, styling, makeup and special effects are extremely good. The musical soundtrack is right on point, especially during the lunar scenes, and the use of actual NASA spoken footage is fantastic too. 

This had a disappointing opening weekend money wise, and that's too bad.  Not enough action maybe for some, and the timing of this release is strange, as I feel more around the holidays may have been better.  This may be the best movie of the year that no one will really see.  

Very, very good.


Bad Times At The El Royale

Clearly this movie is not for everyone, as this is a strange, quirky movie that is a big time thriller, without a lot of action. But a great cast is place here, including Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, Jan Hamm, and even Thor, Chris Hemsworth. 

This takes place in the late 1960's at a once big time hotel called the El Royale.  Seven people end up there under very different circumstances, and with very differet agendas. Thing is, no one is who you think they are, and as the plot plays out, we never stop learning who they really are, and how they ended up there.  Yes, this is spooky at times, violent at times, and strange all the time. But this is quite good.  It will find a dedicated following, but there will not be enough action for some, and too slow a burn for others.  But if you love movies.   Off beat movies, this is your flick.


A Star Is Born

It will be a brave critic who will dare to say anything negative about this new version of a classic tale.  So many won't go there. And neither will I, as this is pretty darn good  -  for the most part.  Bradley Cooper and Lady GAGA star in this nicely updated script of a timeless story.  They both shine.  But she is terrific!

The music has been updated well, and for my eyes and ears, there could have been more of it.  The two things this movie needed to be successful was her, and new and stong music, and they both deliver.  This will be the opportunity and the role of her career, as these kind of projects don't come around often, and she grabs this one.  There is Oscar buzz about her here, and a nomination will happen, and probably a win. This is powerful, emotional and moving much of the time. There are some very poignant scenes that had the theater crying, and that's to its credit.

Truth be told, this had great pace to it and the 2 hour 15 is not really a problem.  There is a weakness or two.  For me, Lady GAGA, in her role was not an underdog enough at the beginning, and some of her written dialogue is tough to believe at times, but that fades.  Her rise to stardom is handled well after a shaky start, but it's not a deal breaker.  Cooper is good here, but his character is extremely one dimensional and that is fatiguing at times.  But again, there is far more to like here, than not.

A Star Is Born.  You'll love it, well done.





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