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MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now

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Some big movies out right now, let's take a look.

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Creed 2

This may not pack the punch that Creed had, but this is still pretty good.  This is the continuation of the Rocky series, and this still can movie us like the previous have.

Who knows where this franchise goes, but it will go on.  The first two Creeds have been very well thought out and well written.  There has been a very nice mixture of new characters and the blending in of the old, and of the older style that was Rocky.   Sylvester Stallone again, is terrific as the aging Rocky, now a trainer, and Micheal B. Jordan is great as Creed.

Toss in a great supporting cast and you have a very entertaining afternoon at the movies.  If you are hanging on to the past and have Ricky angst, let it go, and go.  This rebooted, reinvented series is great, and is a wonderful mass appeal experience.  If you missed Creed, rent it and then go see Creed 2.


The Grinch

Another animated Grinch.  Always a hit, but it's still the Grinch. No real new ground.


Robin Hood

Try as they might, there is nothing new here, or any real reason for this to be remade.


The Girl In The Spiders Web

Been a while waiting for the next installment of this franchise, but it's here.  We have a new "girl"  Claire Foy, and now she is trying to save the world from nuclear war in addition to making sure she hurts men, who hurt women.

There is nothing really wrong with the movie, I'm not sure though what is really right with it.  It's been a very long time since we have visited this series, and that may be a huge problem.  Also, when will movie makers realize that watching people peck a keyboard, or hack into something is NOT riveting movie making?  It just doesn't work.  That is the bulk of the action here, in addition to a few fight scenes, and a chase scene or two that are forgettable.

All in all, the timing of this may have come and gone.  You just don't connect to the characters, and from my seat, you just don't care about them.   And that is the kiss of death to any movie.

Bad?  No.  Just not very good.


Bohemian Rhapsody

It's the brave critic that will dare to say tough things about a music movie, especially when it deals with a band a iconic as Queen.  And we won't here either.  This is a pretty darn good movie.

This is the story, more than anything, on the life of Queen lead singer, Freddie Mercury, and his rise to stardom with Queen.  This explores the origin of the band in the early 1970's, and leads us to their amazing performance at Live-Aid in the mid 1980's.  This movie is perfectly cast, and very skillfully filmed, directed and edited.  The music is absolutely incredible as you would expect, and in total, this is very well done.  There is also Oscar buzz for, Rami Malek as Mercury, and he is terrific.


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