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There are some new flicks out, let's take a look and see.

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Cold Pursuit

Here comes Liam Neeson again with a well timed mid winter action movie.  This formula has done well for Neeson with the Taken franchise and others.  Make action movies that are released when the box office competition is low, and the return can be high.  This is different in the respect it takes a stab at dark comedy as well, and there are some funny moments here.   This is a bitr different than many of the previous and that's for the better.

Problem is, over the years, they all have started to look the same with little variance.  And no one is questioning the ability of Neeson, but how much longer are we to believe he can still mow down legions of bad guys at his age.  This movie does a few good things, it moves nicely, and I does make you feel the cold!  And Neeson is always pretty good.  Overall, I can say this is a pretty fun day at the movies for what it is.  Better than most movies this time of the year!


What Men Want

Didn't we go down this path a few years ago with Mel Gibson?  Isn't this about the same flick were one can hear the inner, private thoughts of the opposite sex?

Well, yes, and I guess turn around is fair play.   I like  Taraji P. Henson, and here are moments here that she is funny, but she is asked to do too much, and some of this is not as funny as they may have envisioned.   This movie makes a nice statement on women in the workplace, especially in businesses where women are rare.  This has some nice momentum and belabors the same point, all at the same time.  Fun cameos, for those who are into that.  This is OK, not a bad day at the movies.


The Prodigy

Mid winter horror flick.  There's a reason they keep making movies where a kid is possessed and causing a whole lot of problems.   They work. 

They have for a long time now, and this will find a following.


Miss Bala

Here comes Gina Rodriguez in her new action drug cartel movie, Miss Bala.  Gina is quite good in the complex role as a woman caught up in a huge drug cartel mess.  This is remake of a 2011 Mexican movie, where our hero  (Rodriguez) is forced into a double life by the cartel, and others.

February is the purgatory of movies for the most part, but if it's action you're looking for, you can do worse than this. There is plenty of that going around here and that can warm up a cold winter afternoon or evening.



M. Night Shyamalan  has a new movie out that brings his three most recent characters together for his ensemble piece.  This stars Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and James MacAvoy.  A couple of things are true after seeing this.  There may not be enough "glamour" for many on this, and that James MacAvoy is one terrific actor.

As good as he was in Split, he is way better here reprising his role again, as the multi-personality character, "Kevin".  He is fantastic, and should recognized for this command performance.   But there are some issues here.  Both Willis and Jackson are underutilized here, and that's too bad.  Jackson doesn't really become a force in this movie untill about the halfway point.  Willis, just sort of sinks into the background.

For me, and for many others I feel, there may not be enough there, there here.  It has an interesting idea, but I'm not so sure there are enough bells and whistles for many to really sink their teeth into.   Adaquate at best.




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