Tuesday, 28 November 2023 12:05

Picking Out Our Christmas Tree!

After the Thanksgiving festivities were over, it was officially Christmas for us. What kicks of the holiday season for us is picking out our Christmas tree at Galehouse Tree Farm in Doylestown. After we find THE tree, we like to visit the gift shop, get some hot cocoa and popcorn, then it is time to head home to decorate!

You couldwin a FREE Christmas tree all this week with me and WQMX, just be listening for the Country Quiz after 11am!


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Well, this is my second blog featuring Babs, so obviously, I am a fan of her advice. I was talking to Abbie in promotions about fresh cut Christmas trees and how to care for them and most of my advice from her came from Babs. Although we have been getting fresh cut trees for years, I still echo all of this:


Published in Cherise