Friday, 21 February 2020 01:17

MOVIE PREVIEW - New This Week!

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Call Of The Wild Here comes Buck The Dog, from the classic novel. Yes, literature comes to the big screen.  Jack Londons masterpiece of a story stars Harrison Ford and of course, Buck.  They go on an epic adventure together into the "last place on the earth."  If you know the story, you know Buck is worth rooting for!   This looks lke a very nice mid-winter piece that is overdue to be told.   I…
Thursday, 20 February 2020 01:54

LOCAL - Meeting Dr. Kate!

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This week I made the good decision to find a new dentist.  These type of things are never the extreme highlight of the year, but it was my time. My trusted and long time dentist made it clear to me he is retiring soon, so it was time to move on. A few people at the station said I should check out Dr. Kate Raymond in Norton.  She is a long time client of WQMX…
Wednesday, 19 February 2020 01:10

TRIBE - Yes, It's Wishful Thinking, But So?

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Opening Day for the Tribe is not far off, and we're starting to get excited about baseball again.  OK, let's forget for a moment about the terrible Astro and Red Sox situation, and think more instead of something far more pleasant.  Contract negotiations. You may have heard the somewhat encouraging news from Frankie Lindor that he wants to remain an Indian for years to come.  He said all the right things, and needless to say…
Monday, 17 February 2020 01:32


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Over the weekend, we at WQMX had the first of we hope will be many, Red, White, and Bowl fundraisers for the amazing people at NEOPAT!  The fun event was at Charger Lanes in Norton who were nothing sort of remarkable to us for the event.  Jim, his family and staff were amazing!  And of course thanks to you it was an incredible success!  We raised close to $6,000 for those deserving people. With Jim…
Tuesday, 18 February 2020 01:33

MOM - 76 Years

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Last week I had to make a decision for someone, and that's not anyone's favorite thing.  My mom is 92 years old, and has great health. She really has never had any serious issues and that's amazing since she was born the year Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic.  But there is no denying, that she isn't quite the same as she once was, even 4 months ago. Last week, since I'm the one of her…
Friday, 14 February 2020 01:14


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Sonic The Hedgehog Jim Carrey returns to the movies with a mid-winter comedy and half-animated flick.  For those who need a refresher, I found this behind-the-scenes trailer that may prove valuable.   Check it out!  This could be February fun!   Downhill This looks terrific!  Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Will Farrell star in this drama-comedy made by some very skilled movie makers. This has also been awarded by the Sundance Film Festival.  Not usually a Farrel…
Thursday, 13 February 2020 01:02

Winter - Is This A New Thing?

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Waking up to winter weather is not high on many people's list as a terrific time, but that's the way it is this morning.  Some junk has, and is falling and rush hour will now be rush-two-hours. And there could be some schools closed.  It's a drag. But, it's nothing new around here. Help me out here, is it me, or has winter become this thing that many are stunned happens every year?  No one…
Wednesday, 12 February 2020 01:12

BASEBALL - Change Is Undefeated!

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The Tribe has reported to Spring Training and that means Opening Day and baseall season is not that far off.  You may have heard that MLB is thinking about expanding and drastically changing its post season formula in 2022.  (BTW 2 years off - yeah, I know) This is a very radical change that you can Google because you need an hour, and an advanced degree from MIT to fully understand it.  But that isn't…
Tuesday, 11 February 2020 01:18

LOCAL - Hangin' At The Hofbrauhaus!!!

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Over the weekend, Windy and I made a trip downtown Cleveland to take in a show at the Cleveland Theater District, and we found ourselves hungry afterwards, so we slid over the the Hofbrauhaus Of Cleveland. It's what it says it is, a German themed restaurant on Chester across from the bus station.  The beers are huge, the music is great and the place was really alive.  I love places like this.  We didn't feel…
Thursday, 06 February 2020 01:53

Luke Combs - Who Knew?

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It's been fun to watch Luke Combs rise to the top of the Country Charts, and World.  He is the biggest new star in a very ling time.  His "everydayness" is a huge reason, and of course the music is nothing short of great.  A few years ago, he was a guest on our morning show, and he was a cordial interview.  He was funny, real, and ready for the moment.  He sang some live…
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