The Drive-In Movie Theater is making a comeback and it may be the crest of a new wave, flowing from an old wave.  Social distancing was made for this medium and now they are on the way back.  At one time, there were over 4,000 in the USA.  Now, about 350. A Guide To Every Drive-In In The USA - Click here! Share this with all of your friends . I'm glad to see these…
Wednesday, 03 June 2020 04:42

NEWS TO USE - Your Food - Saved!

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Right now with all this eating and cooking going on at the house, we want to make sure that the food we are buying is lasting as long as it can.  Here's some cool info to help. Save Your Food - Last Longer ! Learned a bunch here!  
Tuesday, 02 June 2020 04:43

FUN READ - Can You REALLY Cook Or Not?

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OK, so for the past few months we have all been home a ton, and cooking up a storm.  BUT, can you/and I REALLY cook?  Let's take the quiz and find out! BUZZFEED - Can You Really Cook Test~! Well?  How did you do?  
Friday, 29 May 2020 04:28


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WOW - Three JULY movie releases - Mulan (7/24) / Tenet / Unhinged New DVD – 21 Bridges / The Hunt / Jeffery Epstien (Netflix) Drive Ins – Locally they are open!  (Some hosting High School Graduations) Live Nascar - Lots of racing on the next few days check your listings    Number One Steaming - Dead to Me Moana 2 - Is officially in the works.   Planet Of The Apes – Again! Another…
Thursday, 28 May 2020 01:25


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Yesterday a very nice woman named Amy sent me a note through messenger asking me (since I've been playing country music 40 years LOL),  if I knew of a country band "named after a railroad or something"  from many years ago.  She said her mom loved them, but she passed a few years ago and the family wanted to find out who they were.  Amy, that's an easy one, Southern Pacific is the group you're…
Wednesday, 27 May 2020 01:57

LOCAL BUSINESS - Universal Windows Direct

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I am very, proud to be the voice of Universal Windows Direct on WQMX!   You know, you don't make a purchase like new windows very often, and you want to get it right.  And I did! My job was not a typical one either.  My home, in an historic area needed a special clearance to get permitted for the job.  They went with me and spoke at the board meeting in city council chambers on…
Friday, 22 May 2020 01:38

WEEKEND WATCHING - What To Watch And More!

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New DVD – Scoob / Sonic The Hedgehog / The Way Back / Call of the Wild Drive-In Theaters  – Locally they are open! (Click here for the one near you and Info) Live Nascar - Next Race - Is Sunday Coca Cola 600  (How to watch)   Live Golf - The Match: Champions For Charity is Sunday – Tiger, Phil, Peyton, and Tom (TBS - TNT – HULU - HLN – Tru TV) 2-7PM…
Thursday, 21 May 2020 01:12

SOME GOOD NEWS - Live Where You Want? Maybe!

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Needless to say there has not been much good news when it comes to C-19, as our lives have been temporarily altered and put on hold.  But, after careful review and some time spent listening, I have learned when this thing is over - and it will be over, there is some potentially very good and interesting news for some. Much of this depends on how much we actually learn from all this, and how…
Wednesday, 20 May 2020 01:09

Baseball - Have You Seen This?

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There is more and more talk about MLB playing an 82 game schedule this year.  Of course, C-19 has halted the baseball season everywhere and that's sad.  Baseball is played in every single city in America, every single night in some way or fashion every spring, summer and fall.  But not this year.  I have seen on Social Media many local leagues closed for the summer and I feel badly for those kids. But MLB…
Tuesday, 19 May 2020 01:40

WYNN QUOTES - Away From The Noise

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"There's The Right Thing To Do, And There's The Right Thing To Do...."  I write this with without judgment, or bias. Most things in our lives are not cut and dry for most of us. We all do have those few things that are within us that are absolute. But an open mind can see the value of any side of a problem.  I feel there are not many qualities as alluring as someone who…
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