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staff tim homeScott Wynn is a Northeast Ohio native and a 42-year morning show host, coming to WQMX 19 years ago. Scott is a 3-time National Award Winning Radio Personality, including a CMA (Country Music Association) in 1997, and a CRB (Country Radio Broadcasters) in 2013. In addition, he is 18-time National Award Radio Nominee. Scott
has a long and consistent great ratings history, and a terrific track record of hosting very successful morning shows around the country.

Scott also has a great record of success for national and local on-air endorsements, fueled by a strong passion for radio, and a deep commitment to clients. Also embracing a deep connection to country music, and station listeners, and events understanding that is where all great shows and stations begin. Scott is a fixture at Blossom Music Center serving as a stage emcee at Major Country concerts. Scott is also an avid station blogger, writing extensively for the very successful WQMX Website (

Country has a long and fun history of songs that bring listeners together from many formats that are just fun to listen to. They are "guilty pleasures" for many. Songs that maybe you love privately, but may not really want to admit in front of a bunch of people with varying musical tastes at a bonfire.  I say go for it, it's a huge part of our history.  Over a few articles in the coming…
Sunday, 05 February 2023 01:20

WYNN - Today's Sunday Morning Song!

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Megan Moroney  - Tennessee Orange Every now and again a nice song comes out that goes in a very different direction and that always captures my attention.  In a time where there is angst in a lot of songs in various of formats, not just ours, it's nice to hear a song that actually has something nice to say about the significant other in one's life.  By the way, it's OKAY to say nice things…
Wednesday, 08 February 2023 01:47

WYNN - Too Cold To Take A Mow - But Soon Enough

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It's far too cold and wet to mow the lawn right now, and that's fine.  I do get tired of mowing the lawn come October, but it generally is a job I don't mind.  I'm like you, you like when the lawn looks great with straight lines and sharp edges and corners. - Me too. But why do we as Americans have this obsession with our lawns?  Found this article and I found it very…
As I count down my 50 Favorites Over 40+Years in Country Radio, I will recap the songs that were featured each month at months end.  Just in case you missed some. Counting down from #50 to #1 all year once a week, this was month one.  Check out #46 Tuesday right here! Great Songs!!  Check out each! #47 Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker - 2013 #48 Back To December - Taylor Swift - 2010 #49…
Tuesday, 07 February 2023 01:41

WYNN - #46 - Roll On Big Mama - Joe Stampley - 1975

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First off - God Bless All Truckers  -  And THANK YOU!  -  This is the first on my list NOT released during my time so far on country radio. This was a big #1 from 1975,  I joined in 1981.  But I played this AM Radio gem for years on great radio stations across America.  Joe Stampley's truckin' anthem to me was the straightforward, definitive song of the "Truck and CB Radio" craze era, along…
Wednesday, 01 February 2023 01:39

WYNN - The End Of The Queen Of The Skies

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Since 1968 the Boeing 747 has been the Queen Of The Skies passenger plane.  A gigantic wide bodied plane that changed many things about long distance flying with its huge size and distinctive front hump design.  Boeing will not make anymore of them. They made about 1,600 over the years and it fought off others who tried to challenge it, like the Lockheed L-1011 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10.  It had a great safety record…
Friday, 03 February 2023 01:51

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More

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Box Office Results - Avatar  - still #1 -  (Fourth place $$ all time now)   New This Week - 80 For Brady / Knock At The Cabin   Here We Go Again - A Girls Trip sequel that will see the women head to West Africa (Story)    Cindy Williams - The Laverne & Shirley star has died at the age of 75  (Story)   Will Smith and Martin Lawrence - Say that a…
I got an e-mail from Jeremy a couple weeks ago asking where he could see some of my Memory Lane articles from a long while ago. They are all here at, but I have been doing this series for almost three years, so for the next couple weeks, I'll post some articles you may have missed. This is week two remembering some great country bands that I have written about over the years.  These…
Monday, 06 February 2023 01:46

WYNN - Eat of The Week - Gimme A Sammich!

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There are people in the world, and in MY WORLD that don't like sandwiches, and I simply can't relate.  I mean what's wrong with these peeps?  There have been entire decades when they were the main staple of my diet, and maybe that wasn't the best diet, but the are good. I have admit, I do like fresh sandwich ideas and there are a bunch of then here.   So let's break out the bread, bagels,…
Tuesday, 31 January 2023 01:24

WYNN - #47 - Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker - 2013

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  Darius Rucker surprised everyone years ago he stated he was going country and I am glad he did.  His music over the years is loved, and overall has been great.  When he released this Bob Dylan written song from 1973, it was an instant hit.  This is one of the more fun songs of this newer century and he was the perfect artist for it.  The catchy, bouncy beat and slick video with easy…
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