Scott Wynn

Scott Wynn

Monday, 10 August 2020 04:26

WYNN - Strike One, You're OUT!

Over the weekend, Tribe pitcher Zac Plesac threw a gem in Chicago.  6 shutout ininngs in a Tribe win, and then went out to celebrate. The Tribe found out and sent him home for 2 weeks, as he broke the rules.

Word is too, they made him rent his own car and drive home to Cleveland, keeping him off the team plane, sending a message that rules are the rules.

Story Here!

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Friday, 07 August 2020 01:11

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

Mulan – Straight to Disney Plus September 4 $29.99  (Story)


Disney Plus – Has 60 Million streamers now, but some think that's low (Story)


AMC Theaters – Regals Too - Scheduled to open August 21  (Story)


One Year Ago - Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw  (Preview)


Tom Hanks - May play Geppetto in Disney’s live-action version of Pinocchio. (Story)


John Wick 5 - Confirmed will be shot concurrently with John Wick 4  (Story) 


I Wanna Dance With Somebody – A film about Whitney Houston is in the works. (Story)


Amazon - Will have a series based on “A League Of Thier Own”  (Story)


WYNN'S WEEKEND WATCH  - In case you've never seen it  - On Demand True Grit  (2010 version)  Totally worth it!  Incredible performances, writing, directing, and adaptation. 


Tenet – In Theaters September 3


Unhinged – August 21

Quar-horror: - A new genre of films being made as a result of the pandemic.  (Story)

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Thursday, 06 August 2020 01:40

WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - Sylvia

A great listener Lisa sent me a message stating when she was 7, her favorite song was Nobody by Sylvia.  She asked if I played it on the radio and if I remembered her. Yes, and very much yes.


Sylvia was a huge sensation in the early 1980's.  She had an incredibly, powerful and versatile voice that sounded as good on stage as on albums.  She was very likeable, more than beautiful, and helped Country through a big transitional period. She came to Nashville young, wanted to be a big star and ended up one.  We should all thank Sylvia for her great career, we needed her at that time.

She worked as a secretary for record producer Tom Collins in Nashville who produced Ronnie Milsap and Barbara Mandrell and others.  She auditioned for the Country group, Dave And Sugar. (They were kind of the country version of Tony Orlando and Dawn).  But Sylvia ended up signing with RCA, who at that time had many of the biggest stars.  And she would end up with some of the best songwriters in Nashville penning songs she would record.

Ohio State Fair - One Of My First Really Big Emcee Gigs!  About 1985 


She broke through big in 1981 with a terrific song I loved, Drifter,  which went #1. That album also had Tumbleweed, which is a song I loved too,  and The Matador.  She was singing many songs from the longing, or forlorn perspective, and it worked very well. It made her very real, and it was a great strategy.  But no one could have imagined the next few years. 

Drifter - Big #1 - Got Her Noticed


Her album, Just Sylvia came out in 1982, the first single was a great song, Sweet Yesterday, (very underrated song) but the second hit was Nobody.  Nobody went #1 of course and swept across many formats and the nation with insane success. It sold a million copies very quickly, and was as big as songs could be in those days, as we could not play it enough it seemed.  She was a sensation, and won the ACM Female Vocalist Of The Year in 1983. Nobody was Grammy nominated and was the most played song on radio in 1982.

Nobody - Huge Hit!


The album that followed was Snapshot, and even though the title song was a top 5 hit, it didn't capture the magic of Nobody.  Many times the gigantic song can be a blessing and a curse in the long run as it can be tough to follow.  Also, Nobody, as great of a song as it was, and as much as it was needed to draw attention to a format that needed some, it really was not a "country song."  It was a wonderfully written country story song, sung by a great country story song singer, but it was wrapped in a very pop sounding musical blanket. But that was the trend in those days for many.  But, it is also a fantastic example of the right person, singing the right song, at the right time.  I can't imagine anyone else singing that song.

Fallin' In Love - A Style Change For Her


Overall there were 13 top tens, like Fallin' In Love, Cry Just A Little Bit, I Never Quite Got BackLike Nothing Ever Happened,  but Country was starting to go in a very different direction. By the mid and later 1980's Holly Dunn, The Judds, and Patty Loveless were a more traditional style and sound and they were coming to join Randy Travis, Dwight Yoakam, Keith Whitley and other new traditionalists. The pop sounding, crossover intended country style was fading.

 Tumbleweed - Beautiful Early Ballad


But Sylvia was very important. She made breakthrough videos, sang big songs, and was a great young star in Country when we needed one.  I emceed her at the Ohio State Fair in the mid 80's and the crowd was gigantic. I remember talking with her at length that day as she was the first star I really had a long conversation with before her show. She gave me a lot of time and I have always been thankful for that.  We all loved her, and all these years later we should remember her and her terrific run.  Thanks for selling 4 million records too when most were not.

Well done Sylvia!

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Wednesday, 05 August 2020 01:00

WYNN - Rent A Tour Bus? Yes!

Seriously, how much fun would it be to do this?

Many celebs are renting out their official tour bus to those who would like to travel in style this summer. Since most of them are not touring right now, this is a great idea.  Yeah I know you can rent a really nice RV from lots of places, and there is not one thing wrong with that.  But to ride in the extreme style of the stars?  Well, that would be incredible. The story alone would be worth it.  Hey, and you're looking for something special to do? Well, your bus has pulled in! Don't miss it!

To say you used Beyonce's Bus, drove Dolly's Silver Eagle, or another huge star wins about any party "one up" contest you could ever enter. You know, the one you sort of lose to that one guy or gal at every party that always pontificates at a high volume, "Well, the last time I was at blah, blah, with blah blah,blah....."  or this, "Whenever I travel to (insert any European, or Caribbean country here), I always stay at...blah blah..."  Well, you'll just shut them up, because you used Lady Gaga's bus, bed and bathroom!  Boom!  You don't have to listen to their endless bloviating anymore, because you win!

It would be a trip of a lifetime and it may take you that long to pay it off, but it would still be cool.  And there's no harm in checking it out.

Or to dream!

Here's the Link!

The pic above of The Beautiful Windy and I with the Madden Cruiser.  Would LOVE to rent that thing!

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Tuesday, 04 August 2020 01:17

WYNN QUOTES - Celebrate Your Scars

"Celebrate your scars...."

When I was about 3, I for some reason was playing with a pair of hand held clippers as my mom worked the the yard.  Somehow I cut my left cheek very badly with them. My mom of course freaked out, took me in and got me stitched up.  I still have that scar.  It's better than it was many years ago, but occasionally someone asks about it.

When I was about 8, my brother and I were playing football in the living room, after being told not to. I promptly hit my head on the piano bench, and split my right eyebrow open. My mom again, freaked out and took me in to get stitched up. I still have that scar, and it's asked about from time to time too.

My left eyebrow is damaged after being struck accidentally by a golf ball that ricocheted off a tree and knocked me out of a golf cart in a freakish turn of events about eight years ago.  I again, went in and got stitched up.

Truth is, we all have scars in one way or another, and I say that's fine. In fact, it's preferable. Having scars whether they are visible to others outwardly or not is a badge of honor. It shows you've been around a while, and have done something meaningful.  Most scars are earned that way.  2 of my facial scar stories, I learned that it paid to listen to mom. Lesson learned - meaningful.  The third, I was doing one of the things I like best in the world.

Surgeries, accidents, injuries, scars are earned in many ways, especially the ones we can't see right away. Those too are earned in a meaningful way for the most part.  Conquering an invisible foe, life's challenges, personal crisis, lots of ways.  Some may call that "baggage".  That is a bold statement from anyone with any age on them, as they many times declare themselves baggage free in the process of stating that sentence.  Yeah, right. There was a time I asked for some help with life's challenges many years ago. Asked for it, got it, used it, and remember it still today. And I am better for it in every way.

So celebrate your scars and know that those around you have them too whether they know it, or will show it or not.  Someone with no scars has not lived fully. I've never covered mine up and never will, and I don't want them fixed.  They are a part of me, the ones you see, and the ones you don't.

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Monday, 03 August 2020 01:26

WYNN - LOCAL GOLF - Chenoweth In Akron

This is just a quick note about a local golf course that you don't hear a lot about, but is worth playing.

This weekend, The Dewsweepers hit Chenoweth Golf Course in South Akron, and we all loved it.  You have probably seen the first fairway from I-77 as you make the big turn near Arlington Road.  The truth is, there are 17 more nice, but tight golf holes you can't see.  And if you play, should play their.

Not a long course, but tree lined and fun.  I have played there a few times as thought it would be a great Sunday morning place to play with the guys. We all liked it and had a great time.  Very enjoyable place.

In this time of looking for things to do, put Chenoweth on your list.  Plays short enough for all to play if you wish. Well maintained and lots of character as you don't simply wail away with the driver all day.  If you've never played there, put it on your tour, if you have, make 2020 the year you revisit Chenoweth.

Chenoweth Facebook

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Friday, 31 July 2020 01:50

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

AMC Theaters – Regals Theaters Too - Appears August 21 is the opening date now  (Story)

Number One Movie - The Karate Kid  /   (1984 Version)Onward 


Drive-Ins Booming Still   (Story)


Rest Of The Top 5 Movies  Jurassic Park / Trolls World Tour / The Goonies /

One Year Ago - Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood was in theaters. 



Tenet - Scheduled for September 3 in America, (200 million dollar budget) open earlier overseas (Story)


 Mulan – Delayed by Disney infinitely now.  Many feel it may follow Tenet September 3  (Story)

Unhinged – Moved to August 21.  May be first major release in theaters  (Preview)

Amazing Netflix - They were given a record 160 Emmy nominations this week.  (Story) 

HBO Max - Says that Friends is the “No. 1 performing show” since launching two months ago  (Story)


Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy - Are back to work recording new episodes with updated sets that are socially distant.  (Story)


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This week I heard from listener Kim asking about the singer who sang Daddy's Hands as it was her favorite growing up.  That was Holly Dunn.

I remember meeting Holly Dunn a couple times and wishing we had more voices like hers in Country Music.  And even though her career was short, she did about all you could do in that tiny piece of time.  Her big break came when she co-wrote I'm Not Through Loving You Yet, with Louise Mandrell, a top 10 hit in 1984 for Mandrell, a song I loved. 

As a result she signed with a new Nashville record label, MTM, (Yes, Mary Tyler Moore Records) and her first big success came in 1986. The thing that grabbed me, and I think a lot of us then, was the emotion in her voice. It was palpable. On certain songs, you could feel her conviction, or pain. That was what she did best, the very emotive stuff. 

She had a couple songs that didn't fare well, but then Daddy' Hands hit the radio, we all knew it was a big hit.  Funny thing is, it peaked at #7 on the charts, but the charts got it way wrong.  It was a tribute to her dad, and 35 years later is still requested as much as any older song we play. Daddy's Hands was a huge favorite.  She wrote it, sang it, and owned it.  It was a #1 if I ever heard one.   She was a traditionalist, and she fit right in as the movement was starting to take off.


If I had to pick one person in the history of our format to sing a "hurtin' song,"  my choice would be Holly Dunn by a mile.  Her song, (It's Always Gonna Be) Someday is more than heartbreaking. It rattled me the first time I heard it. Incredible performance. And Strangers Again, (very powerful) is not far behind.  I LOVE hearing Holly Dunn sing a hurtin' song, which is a skill mainly lost right now.  Today, the format is more into "revenge songs" of anger and extreme payback and they don't resonate with many long term for various reasons. BUT before you get to revenge, you have to hurt first, and those songs really hit home. 

(It's Always Gonna Be) Someday -  You can feel this one, what a performance!


She won the Best New Female Artist from the ACM in 1986, and the Horizon Award from the CMA in 1987. She had two number one songs, Are You Ever Gonna Love Me, and You Really Had Me Goin'.   She charted a bunch of top ten songs including duets with Micheal Martin Murphy, and then Kenny Rogers, and most all of this was done between 1986 and 1990.  When MTM Records closed down, in many ways things for her were never quite the same.  She did go on to record a few more hit songs, including There Goes My Heart Again, which was written by an unknown named Joe Diffie, and it really got him noticed.


Holly Dunn was a rare talent, and the flash of her lightning bolt run was over way too soon.  She dove head first into every song she sang and that's a rare quality from any singer in any format. Greatest hits albums, and other projects and compilations came out later, but the big five year run of Holly Dunn sealed her place in Country music history.  2-time National Award Winner, #1 songs, recorded with big stars, helped up and comers, and recorded and wrote a classic career record that will be played for years to come. She did it all.


Holly Dunn died in 2016 of ovarian cancer at 59.  

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Wednesday, 29 July 2020 01:02

WYNN - MLB, Strike Zone Whining!

There is certainly not much the same about this years MLB season as most seasons.  Everything is different, and we certainly hope that all involved find good health for the season and beyond. 60 games, rule changes for one year, no fans, there is a ton different.  But it took about a whole 2 games for some fans to whine about the strike zone again.

This has been a source of talk for years, like a hundred years.  Now, TV puts up a little box on the screen and we think if the ball hits the box, it's a strike, if not  - a ball.  OK, that seems like an idea that helps you see the game better. But there's one problem, the umpire doesn't see that box.  And he calls it the way he sees it. And as long as he's consistent, the players by the 3rd inning or so adjust, and the game goes on. As long as it is called the same on both sides, it's not an issue. But the TV fans don't adjust. They just complain. There are many want an electronic strike zone. I think they don't realize how much they don't want it. Sounds good in theory to some, but it's the mother of all bad baseball ideas.

Part of what makes baseball great is the speculation, the adjustments, the mental aspect of the game. Understanding it's a game of humans, played by same and officiated by humans.  Replay and tech has NOT made the NFL any better, in fact way worse. Just ask the Saints.  I'm OK with timed sports using digital aspects in terms of the clock, and in terms of a score.  The NHL does a nice job, goal or no goal.  The NFL would do well to adopt same plan only, and get rid of all the rest as officiating there is at an all time low by a mile.  MLB, home run or no home run, I get it, tough to see sometimes.  But balls and strikes is too much micro-managing.

Baseballs number one problem with some fans is that it's too long and the games are slow.  I say, allow the umpires to call the high strike and have a more generous strike zone, is easily the fastest way to make the game a lot faster. Far less deep counts, and more swinging of the bats, and the game goes quicker.  That is the key, let the umps move the game along, and the players would adjust.  The players would cry and whine over not hitting 40 homers each because of the tiny strike zone being eliminated, but so what?  

Baseball is a beautiful game that was designed right.  Messing with that aspect of the game wouldn't make it better, just longer.  Some fans want perfection  - History tell us, in baseball perfection is virtually impossible, and that's the beauty of it. 

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Tuesday, 28 July 2020 01:59

WYNN - If It Were Only True

I saw something that said today, July 28th was Hamburger Day.   I fact checked it, after the spot of controversy we had on the show about National Hot Dog Day.  I was sad to learn, that Hamburger Day is May 28, not July 28.  In fact, it's not even Hamburger Month!  That too is May!

But be that as it may, I think that having a burger today is fine. In fact, upon further review, hamburgers are a food I could eat every day. EVERY day.  Easily one of the best foods on earth.  And hot dogs are not far behind!

So lets eat a burger today, and call it even.  And lets get ready for NEXT years Hamburger Day, which is a Friday to boot.  Friday, May 28th 2028.  I am so in!

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