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Tuesday, 20 October 2020 01:23

WYNN - (ICYMI) - Wynn Quotes!

About once a month, I write a Wynn Quotes article for  In case you missesn these the first time, here are a few from a couple months back or so.

Thanks for reading!

Leaving Cards On The Table

Celebrate Your Scars

When Ordinary Just Won't Do

Away From The Noise

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Monday, 19 October 2020 01:13

WYNN - (ICYMI) - Fun Places To Visit!

These are all GREAT LOCAL places to visit.  Windy and I have been to these places and had a ball.  In case your looking for something different to do this week, here you go!

Amish Country - Holmes County

Mapleside Farms - Brunswick

Play LOCAL Golf - Area

Carle's Bratwurst - Bucyrus

Szlay's - CVNP

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Friday, 16 October 2020 01:26

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Wynn's Weekend Watch -  Unstoppable   (2010 GREAT Movie)  Worth a re-watch! Some of it filmed in Massilon and Brewster


Cinema Safe Great site for movie theater procedures   (Site)


Box Office - The War With Grandpa  -   3.6 million – losest since 1988   (Gorillas In The Mist) 


Netflix - Has 17 new Christmas movies this holiday season.  (Story)

Tyra Banks - Says a Coyote Ugly sequel or TV series is in the works.   (Story)

Gal Gadot - Will play Cleopatra in an upcoming film.  (Story) 

Coming To America 2 - Will skip theaters and go straight to Amazon! 


The 2001 Nicole Kidman - Horror movie The Others is getting a remake   (Story)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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Christine sent me a note this week asking if one of her favs, Olivia Newton-John was "country" before she knew her from the movie, Grease.  She heard from a family member she was.  Well, yes -  she was at first, and was very successful. Christine, a whole lot of people like you didn't meet ONJ until Grease. 

Let It Shine - Let There Be No Mistake - She Was Country!


ONJ has a long and involved story, but this article will deal with her country days.  When she was a young singer, she charted a ton of songs on the country chart, and those songs also charted "pop."  That's kind of how it was in those days for some.  ONJ was hard to define, so all kinds of stations played her music.  She was a CMA and ACM nominee and winner in the mid 1970's.  Her music then, would be considered "very" country today. 

Big Breakthrough Country Hit!


She recorded for many years before she finally hit it with Let Me Be There in 1973, a song I love.  It was a very big song on many charts including top 5 country.  ONJ was a real favorite of many genres then.  She of course from Australia, but she somehow became America's Sweetheart.  Everyone loved her. 

Big Song And A Big Year For Her!


If You Love Me, Let Me Know was a big, big song and other country singles came too. Please, Mister Please, Sam, I Honestly Love You Let It Shine and Come On Over, (I LOVE THAT SONG)  all charted very well country all in the top five.  Have You Never Been Mellow was a big hit, and her duet with John Denver, Fly Away was was too.  But things like this happen, ONJ would leave country in time, and become a big pop and movie star after a few years.  She then racked up 10 #1 pop songs, including 7 in a row.  

Great Country Song!


Grease, and a few other movies, and TV appearances made her a gigantic star, then the whole Physical phase in the early 1980's with a complete reinvention, attempting to shed the goody two-shoes image.  And depending on who you ask, it worked.

This Song Went To #5 - Written by the Bee Gees!  The End Of The Country Run Pretty Much....


So yes, before you may have known her, Olivia Newton-John had a whole other career before millions of new fans met her in a very different way.  I loved her music in the early days, and played it on many country stations around the country for years.

Even This Grease Classic -  Has A Hint Of Country In It!


She was in your favorite movie and that's great, but let's remember we had her first. 

Olivia Newton-John is now 72 years old -  She is currently battling cancer for the the third time, and we wish her the best.

Other Recent Arists

Steve Wariner


Patty Loveless

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Tuesday, 13 October 2020 01:13

WYNN - A Trip To Amish Country!

Windy and I had an early birthday celebration (mine) in Amish Country this weekend and we had a ball.  Really fun to step back in time a bit, and see things you don't see every day in Akron.

Parking is a bit different there!

am horse

We stayed in a real nice cabin, ate some terrific food, shopped and explored.  We basically were in Berlin, but as Saturday closed, we ended up at the Breitenbach Winery in Dover and had a blast there too.  Plus, as you can see, we bought a whole lot of cheese at a market with a rubber cow head. Perfect!

Berlins are everywhere!

am signs

So close and so fun.  Take a weekend and visit Amish Country, not everyone is lucky enough to have it so close.

Great cabin!  #WeekendswithWindy

am cabin


am wine

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Friday, 09 October 2020 01:09

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Wynn's Weekend Watch -  The Martian  (Number one 5 years ago today) 


Cinema Safe Great site for movie theater procedures (Site)

New This Week 100% Wolf


Word Is - Wonder Woman 1984 reportedly skipping the theaters and going straight to streaming. (Story)

536 Regal Cinema - Theaters have temporarily shut down, Regal is the second-largest movie chain in the country.  (Story)


Box Office - New Mutants #1


Hocus – Pocus - #2 at the movies 30 years after its original release   (Remember This?)


All Five Kenny Rogers - The Gambler movies, as well as Coward of the County, are out this week on DVD as a box set.  (Story)


This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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Nancy asked me to remember one of her favs from a while ago, Steve Wariner.  I proudly played all his songs, as there was a time he could really do no wrong. His list of accomplishments is huge, but we will hit the highlights.  He was also a gigantic favorite with young fans in the early 1980's when we needed young fans.  That was a great gift he gave us then.  He was one of the artists that helped me fall in love with Country Music!

His First Big Hit -  1980   Your Memory


Steve Wariner is an amazing musician, singer, writer and about everything else.  He got a break when he was a band member for the late Dottie West, which at that time was a really good gig.  Eventually he had a solo career in the 1980's that was very successful, and totally enviable.  Fans loved him, and he's another artist that seldom, if ever, released a mediocre song.  In fact, he peeled off ten number one songs in his early success, and had a bunch of great songs that didn't hit number one.  He was one of our biggest hit makers!

One Of The Best Country Songs Of The 1980's  - Smash #1  (Ronnie Milsap Passed On This Song)


He recorded 18 albums, and had about 50 singles.  Lynda, Some Fools Never Learn, Lonely Women Make Good Lovers, Life's Highway, these are just a few of his biggest songs.  He also recorded duets with Glen Campbell, Garth, Nicolette Larsen, Diamond Rio, and Brad Paisley. His career has been incredible. 

Kansas City Lights - Off That First Album, Country Gold


He was playing bass for Chet Atkins, when he released his breakout album and in 1980 (self titled) and it was a smash.  His first single, Your Memory, a big song, followed by All Roads Lead To You #1, Kansas City Lights, By Now, all did very well on the charts, and a star was born. (He left Atkins band)  That first album was loved, as it is as good a breakthrough album as you will ever hear.  Over the next decade, Wariner was on fire, as fans loved him and so did radio.

This Helped Wariner Shift Gears  - GREAT Song!


Steve Wariner was as played an artist as we had then. His sound was sophisticated, refined, and was just flat out great.  Wariner, in the early days was not a traditionalist, but his music was amazing.  His sound would evolve as the format did, and his music and image did as well.  Very few, if any artist did as good a job as changing as he did. He was commercially born during Urban Cowboy, and then was led into the New Traditionalists, and beyond.  What he did was remarkable, as others were stubbornly left behind.

Lynda - This Was #1 -As He Evolved With The Format


That was a great move on his part.  But by the end of the 1980's things cooled down some on the charts. Then a real resurgence in the late 1990's gave Wariner a different kind of success. A duet with Garth, and he turned to writing great songs for artists like Garth, Clint Black, and others.  Then he recorded the gem of his career in many fans eyes, Holes In The Floor Of Heaven in 1998 that won about every single award you can win. It is still a huge favorite with many fans, some who are not even familiar with the Wariner of the early 1980's. If that's you, you've have a real treat ahead of you if you look for his music, this article will give you a great place to start.

This Song Is A Classic - Multi-Award Winner


He has reinvented himself many times, and that's smart.  Writer, master musician, insanely great guitarist, singer, collaborator, ambassador, Grammy winner, awards nominee and winner, and flat out star.  Steve Wariner is a great example of being nimble in an ever changing business. And for those who are not really familiar with him, if you Google him and spend some time listening, you are about to discover a new favorite of yours I have no doubt.  I was a big fan and have a ton of respect for every ounce of incredible talent he has.

 #1 With Garth


Steve Wariner is a star - Period. Flat out star in Country Music!

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Wednesday, 07 October 2020 01:40

WYNN - Rediscovering Mapleside Farms!

When I was a kid, we used to drive out to Mapleside Farms in Brunswick and get apples in a white paper bag, or maybe some cider.  In those days it was kind of way out there, and it felt like a drive to the country. Things change.

Swig 'O Cider - Fantastic!

ms cider

Now, Mapleside is still in the same place, but nothing else is.  Of course that area really built up over the years, but Mapleside is still an incredible place.  Windy and I went out there the other day and it was great!  It had been a couple years since I had been there, and there have been some changes.  But at it's heart, Mapleside is still the same. Great place, great setting and a great feeling when you're there.  You can take your family there on the weekends and have the best time this fall.  Check their website!

My First Ever Hayride!

ms ss

We took a hayride, and walked the grounds on a beautiful day. Music, sun and a slide ride, and a sip of cider too.  We did some shopping, made a memory or two and vowed we would be back sooner than later. We love places like this. Depending on when you go, and who you go with, you can have any kind of time you want to have!  We went to Szalays a few weeks ago and had a great time there too.   Then we had an ice cream and called it a day. 

Mapleside in Brunswick.  And the best part is?  They still sell apples in a white paper bag!

Mapleside Website

Mapleside Facebook

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Tuesday, 06 October 2020 01:00

WYNN - Who The Heck Was Bob Gibson?

Over the weekend, Bob Gibson died at age 84.  For those of you who don't know exactly who he was, he was a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1960's and 1970's.  When you read about him, and take time to learn who he was, and what he did within the game, he just may be the best "overall"  player in the history of the Major Leagues.  He also without question was the most feared pitcher in MLB history.

Yes, we can talk about his stats, but that alone is too easy.  His run through the 60's and his 1968 season changed baseball forever.  In 1968, he was 22-9 and had a ERA of 1.12.  (Somehow, he lost 9 games) He was MVP and everything else that year.  And as a result of his dominance, baseball lowered the mound so hitters could have a better chance.  And it's still that low.  He is the only player I can think of that by himself, forced a geometric design change to baseball forever.  The game has been forever changed as a result.  He was a more modern day immortal of the game.

Indulge me here briefly.  251 wins, 56 shutouts, over 3,000 strikeouts, 9 straight gold gloves, 255 complete games, 13 shutouts in a single season, MVP, 2 time World Series MVP, 3,900 innings pitched and a seven game World Series win streak. 9 time All-Star, and in one World Series, he won 3 complete games in a week!  He once struck out 17 in a World Series Game! He also hit 26 home runs in his career (pitcher) and hit .303 in 1970.  He was a multiple World Series Champion, and he would pinch hit and pinch run too.  He is without any question the best Post Season starting pitcher ever. A guy like that today would demand 60 million a year. - And get it!  (His highest salary was $150,000 - highest in majors at the time)


He played his entire career with the Cardinals and was the face of that franchise long after he retired.  A beyond fierce competitor, and also a great man off the field.  Guys like Gibson are once every hundred year guys. Players that show up and impact the game so incredibly, the game is never the same. The list is short.  Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Bob GibsonRuth changed the game with the advent of the Home Run. Robinson, with skill, bravery, grace and complete social change, Aaron with our first look of total greatness, Clemente with his greatness and opening a huge door for Latin American players to enter the major leagues, and Gibson being so great and dominant, the game had to evolve and adjust to him. 

You may not know about Bob Gibson, and that's OK.  He like many, was a different time and a different era that is easily disposable today.  But that doesn't make him less great.  I think if I was starting a team that wanted to win a World Series, and I could take that one player to start my team, with due respect to all the great players of today, and 150 years of yesterdays, my pick would be Bob Gibson.

He was everything real greatness should, could, and can be.

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Friday, 02 October 2020 01:41

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Wynn's Weekend Watch - Joker - One year ago!


Cinema Safe Great site for movie theater procedures (Site)

New Streaming This Week - Herb Alpert is.... (Scheduled and delayed from theaters from May)


Watched - The Father of the Bride thing over the weekend – (Story)

Box Office - New Mutants


#1 Movie – This year so far? - Bad Boys For Life

YOU – Watched about 20 movies this summer – if you are typical (Story)

Saturday Night Live - Is returning next weekend for the first time since March. (Story)

Sequel - To Borat coming soon. Amazon studios! (Story)

The Saved By the Bell - Reboot to premiere on the Peacock streaming service on November 25th!  (Story)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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