Wednesday, 08 February 2023 19:43

Early Commercials... or Not?

Unless your team is in 'The Game' Sunday, it's mainly about the food and commercials, right?

I don't know which camp you are in:  The Old School, want to be surprised by the commercials.   

Or the early leaked commercials that seems happens a ton now...  

I like to be surprised by them to some extent.  Hearing who is going to be in commercials is alright...

This one snuck thru my radar this year (but then I found out it was already released.)

The Scream Movie Franchise will release the Trailer for the movie in 'The Game' Sunday.  Here it is...

I'm not much of a scary movie fan.  Scream in the past was Ghostface running around falling over everything. 

This movie is more my cup of tea.. or bowl of mashed potatoes as the case maybe:

Enjoy the commercials and more THE FOOD!!!!

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Wednesday, 08 February 2023 00:56

Metropolis is the best!

Earlier this week, Metropolis Popcorn sent the station some samples of flavors for a Valentine's Day theme. One was Chocolate Covered Cherry, another was Cinnamon Red Hots. But the one I wanted to try was the Chocolated Covered Strawberry!

Dang! It DID NOT disappoint! YUM!!! No matter what time of year, no matter the occasion, stop in to Metropolis Popcorn in Cuyahoga Falls or Hudson to treat yourself to some wonderful popcorn! You won't be disappointed.

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Tuesday, 07 February 2023 17:53

Forgetful Shopper

To say I'm a forgetful person is an understatement. Just yesterday I arrived somewhere 15 minutes later than anticipated, because just before I got there, I remembered that I needed to pick up a library book, because it was the last day to get it. I turned around and got it in shame.

Shopping is a challenge within itself, I usually make a list beforehand, and sometimes just do grocery pickup so I stay on budget and know I'm getting everything I need. But today I had to venture out, and on top of my game day shopping, I needed a drill bit to hang up some curtains and q tips. I go down EVERY aisle just to make sure I get everything, keep my list with me on my phone and grab other things I should probably get too. Even doing all this, I still had to go back down a few aisles and almost forgot the q tips.

I left the store confident that I was successful. I got everything on my list, and I even got a new reusable bag! As I was driving away, I was thinking about the stuff that the store didn't have that I needed to get elsewhere, and I realized:

I forgot the drill bit.

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Tuesday, 07 February 2023 12:13

Next From Jordan Davis: Next Thing You Know

Jordan Davis is following up his latest #1 "What My World Spins Around" with his song "Next Thing You Know" from his upcoming album Bluebird Days due out on February 17th! Jordan recently performed his new single, which he co-wrote with Greylan James, Chase McGill and Josh Osborne, on the TODAY Show with Hoda and Jenna. 

One of the interesting facts about the song is it doesn’t have a chorus. Jordan said in a press release “I think it’s really cool that all we do is repeat ‘Next Thing You Know’ throughout it, but when you’re trying to write songs for a, a job, not putting a chorus on it is a fast way to get it thrown into the garbage can, and I think that makes me more proud of this song in that this is what we wanted to do with it and we just wanted to be as honest as possible in how fast life goes. I remember leaving, telling somebody like when they were like, ‘Did you write today?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ They said, ‘Did you get anything good?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, we wrote a song that doesn’t even have a chorus.’ And I got the look of like, ‘Well, we’ll probably never hear that one,’ and little did I know it would connect with a whole lotta people.”

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Tuesday, 07 February 2023 00:43

The trucks have left, next it's the players!

So the trucks hauling all of the equipment to Phoenix for Spring Training for the Guardians left late last week! Pitchers and catchers report Wednesday of next week, and other players report Sunday the 19th! Do I hear Spring in the air??

Before we know it, we'll be listening to Spring Training games on the radio. Then you blink, and it'll be time to fill Progressive Field for the 2023 season! A true sign that Spring is almost here :)


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Monday, 06 February 2023 18:59

Love Me, Love Me Not Throwback

Every weekday at 3:20ish, I have your 'Throwback Song of The Day'...

Today kicked off the "Love Me, Love Me Not" Theme running to Feb. 15th...

Today's Love Me Throwback was Sugarland - Want To.

The songs will go back and forth. 

If you have one for tomorrow's Anti-Love Song...

or the next Love Song let me know after 3pm on the Cricket Wireless Studioline 330-370-2000 or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would rather email.  

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Monday, 06 February 2023 18:54

Monday Motivation!

This morning I woke up with the motivation to get stuff DONE! I woke up early, I felt refreshed, and I went about my tasks with a clear head. This literally never happens so I thought I'd brag about it a little. ;) After I showered, I cleared up a bin and picked up the laundry, I unpacked a few more boxes, hung up a picture, got the car an oil change AND a wash, and spent some quality time with the pets! I also went to my boxing class and grabbed my library book reservation. All that's left to do is an awesome show (that you should totally tune into!). All in all a great day so far!

I hope your week started on the right foot!

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Sunday, 05 February 2023 23:32

The old joke isn't true anymore!

The old joke was that Saturday night at the grocery store was kinda reserved for singles to meet, mingle, and pick each other up...I think times have changed. I went grocery shopping around 7:00 Saturday night (not looking for a date, I SWEAR! I was out of everything... lol) and I could almost count the number of people shopping with me!

I think with the invention of dating apps, people are going there looking for dates rather than the produce aisle. I will say it was quite nice though - I was in, got everything I needed, and was out probably in less than 15 minutes :).

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Thursday, 02 February 2023 23:30

This day (February 2nd) in 1974

Thursday wasn't JUST Groundhog Day. On that date (February 2, 1974) Dolly Parton gained her 2nd #1 hit with Jolene! I love the song - possibly my favorite of hers. I know it was my dad's favorite Dolly song as well.

The story behind the song is so interesting, and the story told IN the song is one that is such a common feeling among all people. In case you aren't aware - Dolly says her inspiration from the song came from a bank teller that would flirt with her husband Carl, which obviously made Dolly feel uncomfortable.

Almost 50 years later and her music is still loved like it was brand new. I think that deserves the status of icon.

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Thursday, 02 February 2023 18:15

Trailer Thursday: Gods and Monsters

This trailer Thursday, I decided to do something different. Instead of a trailer for a movie or series, I decided this week we'll take a look at the new direction the DC Universe is going with James Gunn at the helm. I'm a huge fan of his work, and although I'm disappointed in a lot of decisions that lead to changes in the DCEU (Henry Cavill IS Superman.) There's a lot of interesting stuff headed our way with the universe reset.

This first chapter is called God and Monsters. There's a few things I'm interested in, especially the Waller series and the Wonderwoman and Supergirl projects. There's a lot to unpack here with some timeline stuff, so make sure you watch the video below!

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