Friday, 21 February 2020 01:17

MOVIE PREVIEW - New This Week!

Call Of The Wild

Here comes Buck The Dog, from the classic novel. Yes, literature comes to the big screen.  Jack Londons masterpiece of a story stars Harrison Ford and of course, Buck.  They go on an epic adventure together into the "last place on the earth."  If you know the story, you know Buck is worth rooting for!


This looks lke a very nice mid-winter piece that is overdue to be told.   I can't wait to see this!


Brahams: The Boy 2

Katie Holmes is here, in the second installment of this franchise.  By watching this preview, you'll see this is not for everyone


This will find an audience. These always do!


Ordinary Love

For the first time in a few winters, Liam Neeson stars in a movie, where he is not killing a ton of people with some  special skills at 60.  This is a love story of an older couple and thier battle with cancer. This looks very powerful and close to the bone.


Small movie, small results, but looks very poignant.

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Thursday, 20 February 2020 01:54

LOCAL - Meeting Dr. Kate!

This week I made the good decision to find a new dentist.  These type of things are never the extreme highlight of the year, but it was my time. My trusted and long time dentist made it clear to me he is retiring soon, so it was time to move on.

A few people at the station said I should check out Dr. Kate Raymond in Norton.  She is a long time client of WQMX and has a real nice place.  Her office is very nice, and so is she.  Her staff too, great people that made me feel welcome and gave me terrific service from the moment I walked in, to the moment I left. 

My cleaning and checkup was over before I knew it, and I was on my way.  I also absolutley felt like I had done something good for myself, and made the right decision.  Plus they are HUGE listeners of WQMX there and we love that.  Looking for a new dentist, or maybe it's been a while since you've seen one?  Try Dr. Kate.   Please take care of your teeth, it's one of the smartest things you can do.  Imagine life without them - no good!

Really nice peeps and very comfortable setting.  Catch her on Facebook, and Instagram too. Take care of your teeth, and they'll take care of you!  Thank you, Dr. Kate!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020 01:10

TRIBE - Yes, It's Wishful Thinking, But So?

Opening Day for the Tribe is not far off, and we're starting to get excited about baseball again.  OK, let's forget for a moment about the terrible Astro and Red Sox situation, and think more instead of something far more pleasant.  Contract negotiations.

You may have heard the somewhat encouraging news from Frankie Lindor that he wants to remain an Indian for years to come.  He said all the right things, and needless to say we would all like that to be in the cards.  But it more than likley will not.  But the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and it's been taken.  Now it's up to him and the Tribe to talk. 

The newest trend is the amount of years players want.  10 seems to be the hot number, and there is no way I would sign any player to that long of a deal in sports.  That's where these crazy numbers are coming from. 300-400 million dollars.  The Tribe won't pay that. They key is, to get the amount of years down, and that may be possible to keep the number under control, maybe 150 million.   (Ridiculous)  He's young too and that plays to his advantage long term.  Everyone may be dreaming, but wouldn't it be great to keep him here during his real prime?  

The problem will be the baseball union though.  They have thier agenda, and right now it's long term deals for star players. But truth be told, Frankie could still sign another huge deal after this one, and still cash in.  And more truth be told, Lindor is more valuable to the Indians than he would be any other place that could cough up 300 million for 10 years. Right now, he is "Indians Baseball."  I can see a statue out front in years ahead if he stays, and it would be earned. 

But as fun as it is to think about this, and visualize it, baseball economic odds are tough to beat, it may all be wishful thinking.  Just like baseball itself.  We wish for a grand slam, or a two-out ninth inning rally.  But in reality, those things only happen a small percentage of the time.  There is no question we wish for Frankie to stay, maybe he will hit the grand slam, in the ninth and we all go home happy.

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Monday, 17 February 2020 01:32


Over the weekend, we at WQMX had the first of we hope will be many, Red, White, and Bowl fundraisers for the amazing people at NEOPAT!  The fun event was at Charger Lanes in Norton who were nothing sort of remarkable to us for the event.  Jim, his family and staff were amazing!  And of course thanks to you it was an incredible success!  We raised close to $6,000 for those deserving people.

With Jim From Charger Lanes


We are a local company at WQMX, and I love that.  We support only local charities, and I love that too.  No one thinks that the National Charities are anything less than good people, but the locals are here, available, and in greater need.  It's fun and rewarding to talk with and shake hands with the people actually doing the yeomans work no matter what charity we are featuring that day.

With The NEOPAT Team


NEOPAT takes care of local military families with need.  And after talking with many of the folks from there, the need does not ever end. This area, as much as any, has a vested interest in the military and it's families.  The whole family serves. And there is virtually no situation NEOPAT has not seen, and they handle whatever needs to be taken care of.  Of course, thanks to your generosity.

I always say we love supporting those who are worth supporting and NEOPAT is one of them  Thank you for coming to our event, and helping us, help others.  Hope to see you there next year as we go bigger and better for you.

And thank you NEOPAT.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020 01:33

MOM - 76 Years

Last week I had to make a decision for someone, and that's not anyone's favorite thing.  My mom is 92 years old, and has great health. She really has never had any serious issues and that's amazing since she was born the year Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic.  But there is no denying, that she isn't quite the same as she once was, even 4 months ago.

Last week, since I'm the one of her three children and who lives local, I had to tell my mom she can no longer drive a car. I'm also the youngest, so the news from me was really not her favorite to hear as you may have guessed.  We talked about it, there was some disagreement, and some common ground as well, but in the end, it's the end of a 76 year run of being able to drive a car.  I was sad about it, mostly because there is no room for debate on this.  I'm comfortable with it 100%, but it's still tough to deliver this kind of news.

My mom was driving around rural Ohio in the late 1940's as a recruiter for Marrietta College.  This was long before the interstate highway system.  She drove state routes and dusty back roads alone for a few years.  She then drove to the Jack And Jill Dude Ranch  (Now the Double JJ Ranch in extreme Western Michigan)  in 1952, where she first met my dad.  She drove alone to visit all three of us in various states we moved off to, from Boston, to Chicago, Connecticut, Virginia, Missouri and more. She drove to Florida a couple times after my dad died to visit her brother.  And she drove way out west alone on a college sabbatical at the age of about 62 to research a topic she would write a paper on as a college professor.  

I guess what I am saying is, she has been fearless her entire life.  She has kept a 2.5 acre piece of property going since 1959, and for last 42 of those years has done it alone after my dad died when she was 50.  She has even added on to the house 3 times since the age of 72, and designed all the additions.  She has done well, and fearless is the best word I can use to describe her.  She is fearless when it comes to later life's challenges and I'm proud of her for that.  But sadly, being fearless is not good enough anymore to tackle some of life's major responsibilities.  In fact, it's just the opposite.

For the first time ever she needs some help, and she's getting it but it has not been the easiest transition.  We are gaining on the good ground and she is getting used to the fact that things are changing.  She still has great health, and freedom that I feel is enviable for most people her age.  But some of that freedom is now gone, I get it, and that's not easy for her.  76 years is a long time to to anything.

She will now see a car ride from the passenger seat only.  Gladly, it's only the end of her driving - and not her drive, and certainly not the end of her road. 

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020 21:13

New Music From Johnny McGuire!

One a part of the country duo Walker McGuire, Johnny McGuire is now embarking on a solo career. He's released his first single as a solo artist "I Can't Even" from his Neon Nights EP.

’I Can’t Even’ seemed like a natural choice for my solo debut. It’s one that embodies the musical style and lyrics that have influenced my musical journey like Tom Petty’s ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ or a bit of Bon Jovi aligning with contemporary Country,” said McGuire in a press release. “It also tackles the universally shared feeling of heartbreak—that gut-wrenching moment we’ve all experienced when you don’t think you’ll be able to go on. We can all look back and remember that feeling. Thankfully, we also remember that when one door closes, another one opens.”

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Friday, 14 February 2020 01:14


Sonic The Hedgehog

Jim Carrey returns to the movies with a mid-winter comedy and half-animated flick.  For those who need a refresher, I found this behind-the-scenes trailer that may prove valuable.


Check it out!  This could be February fun!



This looks terrific!  Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Will Farrell star in this drama-comedy made by some very skilled movie makers. This has also been awarded by the Sundance Film Festival.  Not usually a Farrel fan, but this looks like a real movie, and this preview makes me, and hopefully you, want to go.  This proves that the script is a big deal.  When it's good everyone can be good.


Should be fun!


The Photograph

This looks perfectly timed as a really nice Valentines Day movie!  Being honest, I really want to see this as it is the telling of two stories from different eras. A solid cast, and a move that has a real nice look to it.


Can't wait to go!


Fantasy Island

Ok, Mr. Rourke is back from the TV show, and at first this looks like the show we all remember.  But this is Blumhouse movies and they don't make those kind of movies. This is an intense thriller that turns dark and slashery.  Ricardo Montalban would roll over in his grave.


So would Tattoo!

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Thursday, 13 February 2020 01:02

Winter - Is This A New Thing?

Waking up to winter weather is not high on many people's list as a terrific time, but that's the way it is this morning.  Some junk has, and is falling and rush hour will now be rush-two-hours. And there could be some schools closed.  It's a drag. But, it's nothing new around here.

Help me out here, is it me, or has winter become this thing that many are stunned happens every year?  No one on earth likes driving in this mess, or shoveling, or anything else you need to to do with it.  But it's nothing new.  Social media lights up with flabbergasted followers posting simulated shock, complete with dramatic pictures over a few inches of snow and the troubles it can bring, especially to the left outside patio furniture. Plus the outrage that a side street wasn't priority one  - as the first flake flew. 

Might Be Slick Out There This Morning!


Maybe it's the TV coverage, or maybe expectations are too high.  True, weather forecasting can be difficult, and yes there are better tools than ever.  Snow removal equipment is at an all-time best, along with innovative ways to dispel the drifts of snow.  But in the end, they are just people, and the Earth charge.  Our phones can give us good information and many feel it is the gospel, but it's still a man made machine, relaying info from, man.

Is it that we feel that everything should be perfect today?  We all want things right, tidy, correct, accurate and flawless.  And in some things that is achieveable, like ...laundry.  Not winter weather.  Snow falls, rain, sleet, and the roads get messed up, and many walk around in dizzy disbelief, or post such on Twitter, or Facebook.  I feel and have always felt that when winter comes, everyone involved is doing the best they can, and we have to digest the fact that for the few months the weather sucks.  We have to accept the fact that life will be a bit more difficult for a while before yeilding to milder skies and brighter sun.  And when you've had enough, hit Florida for a few days!

It's Husky Weather!!

wint 1

I've been getting up at 2:30 AM for 40 years and driving into a radio station many mornings before the crews have been out, or right in the middle of the storm and usually before the morning low.  Making it clear I don't like one thing about winter, I do like being here on the air, with my showmates, in the morning when you need good info, a calming presence or a good laugh to get you through it.

One of the best parts of my job, in one of the worst times of the year.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:46

The Bunny has a home!

If you have ever traveled Copley road near the White Pond intersection, you surely have looked up to the big bunny on the corner.

I have driven past it countless times in the past 22 years!  Oddly though I have never stopped in to Charlies Ribs & Chicken wich occupied the resaurant for many years.  It was recently taken down and many pondered what would become it the giant sign.  Well, it was purchased at bidding by a Copley organization and now has a home in the Cincinnati" American Sign Museum..No date as for when it will arrive!

Raod trip?

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020 14:07

Winter at the Zoo

The Akron Zoo will debut it's newest member, Baya, a beautiful snow leopard tomorrow during a special program.

Baya and her mother Shanti are finally coming out to investigate their wintry habitat.  The zoo is holding

a special program to highlight the animals that love the chilly temp's, and give an update on the new

Wild Asia Exibit currently under construction.  I am constantly amazed at how for the Zoo has come.

What a gem in our city.  The program begins at 1:30pm and is included in your general admission ticket!

Dress warm!

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