The only way to get tickets for this once in a lifetime event will be to WIN THEM from Country Radio stations!

Check WQMX.com and our Facebook Page often as we should have all the details soon!

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019 11:36

Rock & Roll Inductees Announced

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced it's lineup of inductees for 2020.  Once again raising the ire of many!

It seems anyone and everyone can get in.  I feel eventually everyone will get in! Included in the list are Whiteny Houston,

The Nororious B.I.G, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan.  Hmmmm, rock and roll?  Maybe it should have been called the

Music Hall of Fame?!  Too be fair, Todd Rundgren, Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest were also on the list.  No Country

artists so far!!

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Wednesday, 16 October 2019 01:42

What's The Word, Thunderbird?

On our recent trip to Zion National Park, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the park at the Junction, in a place called Mt. Carmel, Utah.  Windy and I found this little eatery we will not soon forget. We found The Thunderbird.  Right up front, the food was GREAT and the service was amazing.  And this place has a wonderful story to tell.

It's been there since 1931. Back then it was all alone out there, and today it still kind of is. It was started by Fern Morrison and her husand Jack.  The star of this place though is the amazing neon retro-sign.  You'll notice it says home to the "Ho-Made Pies."  Now for about 80 years, no one thought much of it, but today, well....OK.  But The Thunderbird has a story to tell and they are proud of it.  When the sign was made 70 some years ago, the makers of it told Fern there were too many letters to fit on the custom sign.  So SHE said abbreviate "home" to "ho."  So they did, and the rest is history.  And by the way, the pie is incredible!!!

Fern and Jack died many years ago but The Thunderbird lives on, and I'm glad. Today is it run by her family and is thriving. Fern kept it running all those years, and I hope it runs forever.

Great people, great fun, great food.  The Thunderbird.  A real slice of Americana.  There's propbably a "Thunderbird" you know of, always fun places to eat.


th story

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Massillon City Council has approved a new three-year deal with the city's Firefighters Local No. 251, which will include raises in the second and third years of the new contract, as well as modify when the First Responders can reach the Maximum Salary.

Both the City and the Firefighters were happy to avoid "binding arbitration" which would have taken the decision out of the hands of the city.

The Canton Repository has the full story HERE

**And Don't forget:

If you know a First Responder, you can nominate them, or your local Police or Fire Department, for WQMX First Responder FridaysHERE

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Monday, 14 October 2019 21:10

New Music From LANCO!

LANCO is back with a couple of new songs that are both available through digital retailers... their new single "What I See", and "Old Camaro". The new single, which we played for you tonight (October 14) during Trending Tracks was written by members of LANCO, frontman Brandon Lancaster, drummer Tripp Howell, bassist Chandler Baldwin and songwriter Jeremy Spillman. 

The song is a modern twist on sentimental and nostalgic hometown memories. “We had the idea for ‘What I See’ after our bus picked us up in this little random parking lot with just a rundown bar and restaurant,” Lancaster said in a press release. “To us, it might have been insignificant as we were just passing through, but to someone, it could be a landmark. This could be the place where someone spent all their Friday nights or had their first fender-bender in high school. We started talking about all our upbringings, and realized that we all have those places in our own towns that meant something to us whether it’s the football field or just an exit sign. Though insignificant to most, they are part of our stories, so this song shines a light on the idea that ‘there’s more than meets the eye.’”

Both songs will be included on their upcoming sophomore album, more details to come! 

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Monday, 14 October 2019 16:53

Wanna win Cedar Point passes?

All this week, it's your chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to Halloweekends at Cedar Point!

Listen to Ken Steel's "4 of a Kind at 4" every weekday at 4pm. Figure out what all four songs have in common, be the right caller and win!!

Want more info about Halloweekends? Click here!

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019 01:21


Last weekend was one I will not forget for long while.  My birthday was Sunday and the Beautiful Windy and I flew to Las Vegas for the beginning of a fun, and multifacted weekend.   There are places that everyone should see.  This place was one of them.

z 4

She had a business function to attend, but first we drove over to Zion National Park first for a couple days.  We were both stunned at what we were going to see.  In fact, afterwards, we both thought everyone should see this place.  Worth the journey!

This Is One Of The Slot Canyons We Explored - Amazing

z 2

We got an ATV as well, and ventured to the "Slot Canyons" and that was breathtaking too! Thse pics are authentic, and if you ever get the chance, take it!   Beauty that only nature can provide.  This place became our favorite National Park.


Put this on some list somewhere. Worth it!


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A new horror movie will be filming in the Akron area next year, and while it will be set in a 'fictional' version of the Rubber City, a well known area Road will be featured as the namesake of the movie.

"Copley Road" is expected to start filming in the Summer of 2020 and is being described as a "Present Day Horror Anthology" by the creators official Facebook Page.  It may even have some opportunities for locals to audition for roles.

Stay up to date by following the Official #CopleyRoadMovie Facebook Page, HERE

(Courtesy of FOX 8 Cleveland)


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Friday, 11 October 2019 21:24

New Music From Chris Lane!

If you have been keeping up with Chris Lane, you know he had some big, big news recently with his engagement to girlfriend Lauren Bushnell! "Big, Big Plans" was written for Lauren, Chris wrote the song along with songwriters Jacob Durrett and Ernest K. Smith. 

He first revealed the song during his proposal to Lauren, which was captured and turned into a video. Now, it's his next single!

Next up for Chris is his Big, Big Plans tour which will stop at the House of Blues in Cleveland on February 20th... and of course wedding planning! 


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Friday, 11 October 2019 18:44

More Fall Fun This Weekend!

The Harvest Festival at Hale Farm & Village continues this weekend and includes plenty of sights, smells, and tastes of fall in the Cuyahoga Valley!

Apple Cider Press, Johnny Appleseed, Pumpkin Patch, Apple Butter Making, Pumpkin Painting, Kettle Corn, Food Preservation, Wagon Rides, Farmyard Animals, and more!

Admission also includes heritage gardens, foodways demonstrations, and early American craft & trade demonstrations, including glassblowing, blacksmithing, and home crafts.

The festival goes on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. For more info click here!

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