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Send Me Backstage Ticket Stops 2024 Featured

Blossom, Festivals, County Fairs - concert season is BACK in full force and you could possibly meet your favorite artists, get a front row upgrade or get the VIP treatment, BUT you have to be wearing the shirt - the WQMX Send Me Backstage T-Shirt!

Any color of the Send Me Backstage T-Shirt works! But we know you want this year's brand new color - TIE DYE - so come to a WQMX Ticket Stop, show us your tickets to any country concert and we’ll give you a pair of shirts. Need tickets? We can help! You could win a pair, or more, at every ticket stop!

Send Me Backstage Ticket Stops

Luke Bryan Ticket Stop with Sarah Kay at Pizza Cat
1628 Norton Rd. in Stow on July 12th at 12-1:30pm


  • Show us your tickets to see any upcoming country concert at one of our ticket stop events & get 1 FREE WQMX Send Me Backstage T-shirt per ticket. You can show us up to 2 tickets per person, while supplies last.
  • Your 1st entry is FREE & any additional entries cost $1 each. 100% of profits are donated to Bosom Buddies and NEOPAT/Tree of Lights.
  • You can buy as many entries as you wish during the ticket stop.
  • There's a limited amount of WQMX Send Me Backstage T-shirts at each ticket stop so we suggest arriving as early as possible.
  • You must be present to win at the end of the ticket stop event.
  • Wear your shirt to any country concert and one of our spotters may pick you to go backstage to meet one of your favorite artists OR get upgraded seats at the show!
  • Must be 18 & over to receive the free ticket and/ or to participate in any Ticket Stop.



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