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Quiet weekend at the movies as far as new releases are concerned.  Next week, Avengers Endgame comes out, plus it's Easter weekend.  But there are a couple, and both directed right at the family.


This is based on a true story of a young boy and his falling through a frozen lake, and the miracle needed for him to survive.  This concentrates on his mother and the absolute agony she goes through during his fight for life.  This stars Chrissy Metz, and a nice supporting cast that tells a very emotional story.  This gets off to a rather awkward start, with some flat out bad writing, but as this goes on it gets better as our story takes shape.


This is going to be too much for some to see, as it may hit a bit too close to the bone. There are some gut-wrenching moments in this movie that will really tug on any mothers heart strings. But this is this years spiritutal, miracle movie, and these generally do quite well and find a loyal audiance.  The timing is right, and those who see this, will love it.  Slow start, nice finish. 


What can I say?  An hour and sixteen minutes of Penguins on film.  Family time!



Avengers: End



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Friday, 12 April 2019 06:25


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Here are the new movies this week that will join Dumbo, Us, Shazam, and Pet Sematary as your biggest choices at the movies!


The Missing Link

It may be interesting to see how this does at the box office this week.  I have seen a ton ot TV ads for this. That many times is not a good sign.  Much of the hype surrounding this, is the great voice work which includes Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, and Zac Galifianakis, Emma Thompson and others.  But the early reviews on this are good, and it does look for a fun family night at the movies.




Here we go again. More Hellboy. Been there, done that.





Could be a fun spring break comedy. Boom!  You were a grown, highly successful business woman and now you are 12 on outside, but still a grown woman inside.  This stars Regina Hall, and looks like this could be be fun if it stays on message.


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Thursday, 04 April 2019 11:17


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The Best Of Enemies 

Based on a true story about a civil rights case.  This stars Taraji P. Hinson, and Sam Rockwell.  Good cast, and the story on its surface seems strong enough. Both of them are really on a roll right now, and this may be the biggest step, especially for her, as her movie career is kicking into high gear.





This is an adult drama that because of the time of the year, Spring Break, may get lost in the movie hype of younger themed movies also released this week and in weeks past.



More superheros.  This seems to have a whole lot of parody and fun attached to it. This will be a major hit.



Pet Cemetary

Seems all the Stephen King books that were once movies are getting a second chance and this time around hoping to be taken a bit more seriously than the first time around.  It did very well, and so will this. And when this does, look for more King classics to get a second chance as well.



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