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The Oscars are this weekend, and the list of new movies in wide release is small.  But this could be a hit.


Harley Quinn:Birds Of Prey

Here comes Margot Robbie and a nice supporting cast in this action flick, that has a lot of people excited, as Harley Quinn comes to the screen in her own flick. There has been a ton of TV ads for this, and if history is our guide, many times that can mean that the test audiences may be luke warm to it.



I have seen some very good reviews on this, and I have also read some that trash it hard!  It seems to be polarizing, and that's not rare for this kind of flick.  By all accounts, this could be a hit.  But will people go see this, or are they simply excited that they made this movie, to be viewed another day, and in another way?

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