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Spicy and Creamy Chicken Pasta

It is still summer, but fall will be here soon, so it's time to start collecting this fall like recipes. Click here for Spicy and Creamy Chicken Pasta from All Recipes! 

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For the last six years The Olive Garden has annually sold their "Never Ending Pasta Pass", which entitles the lucky card-holder to dine on unlimited OG Pasta once a day, every day, for a designated period over the course of about 8 weeks.

This year, as promised, the offer is bigger than ever - they've added an additional week to the traditional 'Pasta Pass', BUT they have also added a chance for 50 lucky folks to get the new "LIFETIME Pasta Pass" that will never expire!

The "Never Ending Pasta Pass" goes on sale this Thursday August 15th and will cost about $100.  As these have typically sold out in minutes, if not seconds, anyone that is able to purchase one will have the chance to "Opt-In" for the $500 "Lifetime" pass, but only the first 50 to Opt-In that have successfully purchased the basic pass will be given the opportunity on the following day - Friday August 16th - to pay the extra $400 and earn the right to eat as much Pasta, Soup (or Salad) and Breadsticks as they can handle for many years to come.

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