Friday, 10 February 2023 12:13

New Music Friday!

There are four new albums that you can pick up today! They include two deluxe albums from Priscilla Block and Ernest. Priscilla released Welcome To The Block Party (Deluxe) which includes four new songs: "Getting Even", "Me Pt. 2", "Off The Deep End", and "Little Bit".

Ernest released his sophomore album Flower Shops (The Album) last year that included 11 tracks. Today he released Flower Shops: The Album Two Dozen Roses which includes 13 new tracks for a total of 24 tracks on the deluxe album!

Chase Rice released his sixth studio album I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell, the albums title is a nod to two of the songs on the new album. 

Matt Stell also released his six-track EP today called One Of Us. It features three songs that Matt co-wrote and includes his current single "Man Made". On socia media Matt eluded to possibly releasing some more music in addition to this new EP, we'll keep you posted!

Happy listening!

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Thursday, 02 February 2023 14:28

Justin & Priscilla Tonight!

Justin Moore teased on his social media pages a few days ago that the video for "You, Me, and Whiskey" with Priscilla Block would be coming out soon. He even posted a trailer so we knew it had to be a matter of days. Tonight is the night! Not only will Justin and Priscilla premiere the video but they will also host a livestream in celebration! 

Of course, it is ok if you miss it, because you will be able to watch it anytime on YouTube, both the livestream and the video, of course!

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Justin Moore has released the follow up to his 11th #1 single "With A Woman You Love" and this one is a duet with Priscilla Block! Justin says "You, Me, And Whiskey" is a really cool song and a unique way to tell a story that’s been told before. It’s kind of in the same mold as some of the love songs he's done in the past where it’s not sappy, but it is a little romantic, but it’s still got a bit of a tougher side to it.

About working with Priscilla Block on this song, Justin said, "Priscilla was the first one I thought about because we had just played a show together, and I thought man, she would knock this out of the park, and she did. She did, I knew she would do fantastic, but she exceeded even my expectations, so, I’m really excited about it."

Priscilla added, "I could not be more excited for this song, it’s super, super special to me. I’ve been a fan of Justin forever, and the fact he asked me to be a part of it is just mind-blowing, I’m still freaking out. I cannot wait for everyone to fall in love with it just like I did the first time I heard it."


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Thursday, 29 September 2022 20:53

Priscilla Block Announces A New YouTube Series!

I am so excited for this that I have already subscribed! Priscilla Block announced today that she is launching a YouTube series that will follow her on and off the stage. New episodes will be available on Thursday's.

Just from this 14 second teaser clip you can tell this is going to be fun to watch, she's just so real and relatable, I'm such a fan of hers! Click here for a link to Priscilla's YouTube channel so you can subscribe and get notified when new episodes are available! 


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Friday, 14 January 2022 21:12

New Music From Priscilla Block: My Bar

Today, Priscilla Block announced that she will be releasing her debut album Welcome To The Block Party on Friday, February 11th! 

All of the songs on the 12 track album were co-written by Priscilla including her new single "My Bar", tonight's New at 9 New Song Spotlight

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