Tuesday, 27 April 2021 19:00

The Best Spring Cleaning Tips

It's always good to get some tips to make spring cleaning easier. Taste of Home has rounded up some of the best tips they have found on TikTok! Click here to help make cleaning your kitchen sink, your ceiling fan, window blinds, and microwave a breeze! 

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Monday, 29 March 2021 19:00

Clean As You Go

There's spring cleaning, and that always feels good to overhaul a room or the whole house. But you also still have to do the every day tidying. The Kitchn has put together a list of 15 small habits that will turn you into a "clean as you go" person. Click here to check them out! You may find that you do a lot of these already, yay, but you may find a new trick or two!

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Tuesday, 02 March 2021 19:00

Get Organized!

Spring is right around the corner, hopefully we'll be opening some windows for fresh air soon, and doing some spring cleaning. The Kitchn posted an article about 4 pantry solutions that you can also use to organize your laundry room! Click here to read more.

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