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Breakfast on a Charcuterie Board

Pretty much anything can be turned into a charcuterie board these days, and I'm sure this has been thought of, but the pictures! Pancake and waffle boards are a pretty and fun way to present breakfast. They look easy to put together after you've decided what will be on them, the prep will be worth it! 

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There were rumors swirling earlier this year that a long-standing Fast-Food chain was going to start testing, and likely adding permanently, a breakfast menu.  That place was and is, Wendy's!!

A "Breakfast Baconator", new sides that include fruit, sausage gravy and seasoned potato wedges, as well as hot and cold coffee options, like the Frosty-ccino are some of the new offereings.

For a look at the full menu that is expected to launch in 2020, CLICK HERE

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