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A Charcuterie Board For Your Birthday!

What a great idea this is. Who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday with a board full of sweet treats?!? Birthday charcuterie boards let you enjoy a variety of your favorite treats, cupcakes, macarons, chocolate covered pretzels, you name it! Watch the video for inspiration and click here for even more ideas and how to's from Homebody Eats!

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There are few place in these United States that have a High School Football Legacy like that of the Massillon Tigers of Washington High School.  I've lived about 7 minutes North of "Tiger Town", in Canal Fulton, for nearly 15 years and frequent the area often.  When that stadium lights up on a Friday Night and the sun starts to set, ltes just say there aren't many lines in the local stores and traffic is pretty light.  My first experience at a Massillon vs McKinley Football game was about 5 years ago - at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium - was unlike any high school game I have ever attended and could rival one at a decent sized College.  Its hard to explain the energy and passion dedicated to football, and most other sports, in Massillon unless you have seen it in person... Think "Friday Night Lights" (its a Movie and was a TV Series for you youngsters out there).  My kids have all played Basketball and Soccer against Massillon teams over the years and its always expected to be a tough, highly competitive match up and it rarely disappoints.  

With all that said, there is so much more to the rich history of this Program that its not surprising that an event like this has been put together for the community to celebrate and enjoy what it means to the city and its people.  41 athletes have gone on to play at the Professional level and the hope is to have as many of the 23 that are still with us to be a part of the three days of festivities that will take place throughout the community July 11-13.

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger.  

The Canton Rep has the story and details on this event for you HERE


(Courtesy of  The Canton Repository / Alex Tichenor)

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