Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay

Friday, 21 February 2020 07:32

Website of the Day, 2/21/20


Cleveland Auto Show

Starts this weekend and runs through March 1st.

Friday, 21 February 2020 06:22

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 2/21/20

Morgan Wallen is working on his second album...
Luke Combs extends his tour...

Morgan Wallen is busy at work on his second album.
Though he's staying true to his style, his new work represents his personal growth over the last few years. He was in his early 20s when he wrote his debut album, and now at 26, he has a whole new outlook and a bit more maturity.
Morgan's new album is expected to come out later this year.

Luke Combs has extended his What You See Is What You Get tour into the fall.  
The new leg will kick off on September 19th in North Carolina and takes him through December 4th in Boston. The new shows will feature an in-the-round stage.
Luke will be at The Country Fest on June 20th

Friday, 21 February 2020 06:20

Quote of the Day, 2/21/20

2/21/20 Brought to you by Acme Fresh Market

You only fail when you stop trying.

Friday, 21 February 2020 06:16

Daily Scoop, 2/21/20

Today is Friday, February 21st- It IS - Rascal Flatts Day (in Ohio), Caregivers Day, Sticky Bun Day, Tomorrow is Margarita Day

7 Eleven is offering a Peeps flavored Slurpee.

KFC is launching a fried chicken and donut sandwich nationwide.

Hidden Valley is coming out with 3 Ranch Secret Sauces- original, spicy and smokehouse.

The Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda was revealed- he is coming soon!

The board game Mall Madness is officially coming back! 

Wednesday's Debate had more viewers than the Grammys and almost the Oscars.

Friday, 21 February 2020 05:53

The Captain's Chair

The Warren and I usually don't do gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. This year before Valentine's Day we got my parents gently used couch. It is wonderful, but we had all this extra space in our family room. One day, the Warren looked at me and jokingly said- “I'd like to have a present this year for Valentine's Day. A puppy or a recliner. The choice is yours.” He thinks he is hilarious!

Now of course, I am human people- I would love a puppy. That is another blog entirely! I found myself at Hartville Hardware a few days after this conversation with my hubby and wouldn't you know it- they have furniture, it was on sale and the recliners we're absolutely amazing! The Warren got one and he is a happy camper.

There are hours upon hours when he doesn't move. I find myself looking over and admiring him in is captain's chair as we are starting to call it. He looks so happy and content and that makes me so happy and content.

Maybe a dog is next, we shall see ;)

Thursday, 20 February 2020 07:54

Website of the Day, 2/20/20


Healthier Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

9 ways to make the cookies! 

Thursday, 20 February 2020 06:24

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 2/20/20

FGL working on new music...
Luke Bryan has a lager...

Florida Georgia Line is in the middle of recording their fifth album. Tyler Hubbard says the new music will reflect the stage where he and Brian Kelley are in their lives. The new album will come out later this year.
In the meantime, FGL and Justin Beiber have collaborated on a country version of his song "Yummy." On the full version of the song you can hear Tyler Hubbard's daughter Olivia saying "Yummy."

Luke Bryan is now a brewmaster. He's created Two Lane American Golden Lager, which uses American barley and water sourced from the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
He says, "For a long time, I’ve dreamed of creating a beer to enjoy no matter if you are hanging out at one of my shows or at home with friends and family."
Two Lane American Golden Lager will make its debut in the southern states first starting March 2nd.

Thursday, 20 February 2020 06:21

Quote of the Day, 2/20/20

2/20/20 Brought to you by Acme Fresh Market:

True beauty is knowing who you are, what you want and never apologizing for it.

Thursday, 20 February 2020 06:17

Daily Scoop, 2/20/20

Today is Thursday, February 20th, It IS -  Love Your Pet Day, Muffin Day, Cherry Pie Day

McDonald's created candles that smell like the 6 ingredients of a Quarter Pounder: sesame seed bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, onion and beef. 

Peeps has introduced 5 new flavors this year: Froot Loops, Hot Tamale, Raspberry Dipped in Creme Fudge, Root Beer Float and Chocolate Pudding bunnies.

Producers confirmed they are bringing senior citizens into the Bachelor fold. 

One in three men between the ages of 20-40 still live with their parents! One in five women do.

The average person uses about 57 squares of toilet paper per day!

Seems about 1/3 of dog owners plan their weekends around their dogs!

New study says playing golf helps you live longer. If you play golf at least once a month you decrease your risk of premature death by 10%.

Thursday, 20 February 2020 05:25

The New White Claw Flavors Have Arrived!

We got to do a taste test of the new White Claw flavors and few other fun beverages the other day. It was a rough day at work. Let me tell you, it is going to be the summer of seltzers once again!

White Claw has 3 new flavors: Lemon, Tangerine and Watermelon. They are delicious! And in that order they go from my favorite to least favorite, but don't let me lead you to believe they aren't all refreshing and wonderful.

I went in thinking that there was no way they could live to the hype. The lemon would taste like Pledge. The tangerine would not be as flavorful, and well- I am not a huge watermelon fan. And, what can beat black cherry??!! The lemon tastes like lemonade, the tangerine is perfectly not too overpowering and same goes for the watermelon. These three new flavors don't shout their respective flavors. The seltzer is there and the flavor supports it nicely. Let the summer of 2020 be forever know as the summer of the CLAW! I can totally see me ordering these flavors for sure.

As for the the Mike's Harder. We tried the Pineapple Mandarin and Green Apple flavors. Very tasty, but I could only drink one. They definitely scream the flavor they claim to be.

The Cayman Jack Moscow Mule in a bottle- delightful. If you are in a pinch and don't have the time or resources to make the mule yourself, these guys are perfect!

After a few sips of these fizzy drinks at 9:30am, we had a good buzz! Happy and safe drinking, my friends!

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