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Thursday, 23 May 2019 04:32


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We do tons of charity shows here at WQMX, many of them annual events, like tonight's Ones To Watch Concert, at the historic Tangier in Akron.  And should be noted, this concert raised over $7200 for NEOPAT - helping veterans.  Well done!

Getting Ready For The Big Night - Tangier, Akron!


Jimmy Allen, Hardy, and Matt Stell starred on stage, bringing their newfound fame to the intimate stage and setting in front of a sold out crowd.  Each have songs on the charts and each is very different from the other, making this a nice microcosm of today's country.

Allen, an easy to listen to voice and style, reminiscent of some to the strong balladiers in our format. He has a #1 already with Best Shot.  When you first hear him, you get what you get, but you also get the feeling that there is more in reserve, and that you better be ready for real versatility, and that's what you get.  There is also real star power here. 

Hardy, has a remarkably popular song out, Rednecker, that core WQMX listeners just love.  It's what I call a "list" song.  It lists off the reasons why he is more redneck than you.  It's a playful, fun tonge-in-cheek number of course that comes from a guy and a voice that makes it totally believeable.  I asked him where this song came from, and he said it was written by him and some friends in a few hours in Colorado, as kind of a poem or sorts. After words, they said hey this could be a fun song.  And here we are. 

Matt Stell has a hit single, Pray For You, a powerful, honest ballad that gives thanks to the new found love in his life. As I talked with him it's a song he wrote and is autobiographical.  Highly relatable, and to the point.  Listeners love it, and even though it's early this has the potential to be a big hit.

These charity shows are a rare chance for listeners to get close to those that are the new blood in our format.   And all of our stars were amazingly engaging both on stage and back stage with those lucky enough to meet them.


Overall this was a terrific show!  Seems the ones we watched, are the ones to watch.

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