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WYNN - #34 - Nobody - Sylvia - 1982

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SW small Logo This little song in its written form became one of the biggest songs in country in the early 80's and it's importance should not be underestimated.  In fact with it's impact at that time, there could be an argument that it be higher on this list and I'd listen to it.  Country then in it's popularity was nothing like it is today.  We were sandwiched between Urban Cowboy pop country and whatever was next, and we didn't know what that was yet.  The beautiful Sylvia had a number of songs before this, and some of them were big hits.  (I loved Drifter). was a #1 and in many aspects is about perfect.  Sylvia with a powerful, borderline angelic voice, was incredibly talented and extremely likable. When Nobody came out it was an instant smash as it without any question, ended up in the perfect hands of Sylvia. Written by Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan who were the preeminent song writers in Nashville at that time. This song rocketed to #1, and then #5 A/C.  It got Sylvia nominated for a Grammy, and was the most played song on the radio of 1983, and won her an ACM.  It charted around the world and was very popular no matter what kind of music you were into.  Truth is, we needed this song.  It was the runaway hit of its time and brought attention to us that we badly needed then.  Of course as this song stands, it clearly sounds different than the sounds of today.  But this song did us a lot of good. This was a giant hit, and we owe all involved a thank you for such a big song, at an important time.

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