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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox - WH - 95

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Old Enough To Know Better - Wade Hayes - 1995

SW small Logo This song was loved, and was a very big hit for newcomer Wade Hayes.  It was popular on the radio, sold a ton and was very popular in country bars and dance clubs.  This, in its sound was very indicative of what 90's country was all about. Being honest, it hard to not like this song.  It's catchy, has a hook you could catch a fish with, upbeat, honest and delivered by the big warm voice of a new star.  I loved playing this song on the air.  This was a solid number one song, that will still fill a dance floor.  But Hayes would not enjoy near the success that this song would bring him in the years ahead.  He released a few more albums over the course of a number of years, with a couple more top 10 hits.  But sometimes the giant success of a huge debut song can be tough to duplicate. But with that said, this record is just fantastic and should be enjoyed on the dance floor, the radio, or in the Forgotten Jukebox - What a GREAT song!

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