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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 01:57

WYNN - LOCAL BIZ - Szalay's Farm And Market

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I had the joy of going to Szalay's Farm And Market last week with Windy, and I can't wait to go back.  Truth is, I love that place and places like it. Those small markets that have the best of everything, and specialize in something for which they have no equal. The corn there is amazing.

I am not one of those peeps that can saw down a dozen ears of corn in a single sitting. Nothing personal towards corn, I just have my limit, as a couple of ears is just fine.  But their corn could make me re-evaluate my official stance on that. It is simply terrific.  The rest of the market there is fantastic too. The quality of everything is great, and going there is a fun thing to do as well.  Its perfect setting in the CVNP, a quiet serene place makes it a fun destination.

I know, you're saying that everyone knows about Szalay's, but I beg to differ.   A whole lot do, but, I'm sure there are some that have always heard about it, but have never gone down there to shop.  Happens all the time.  Maybe this will get them down there. Great corn, great place, great food  - period.  Plus, you gotta love any place that has a giant, smiling ear of corn, with feet, wearing a green monogrammed costume as its mascot!  Love that guy!

Support Szalay's Farm And Market. A real fun afternoon. Put it on your errand list this summer - every week!

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