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Wednesday, 23 September 2020 01:58

WYNN - I'm Not Ready For Fall?

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This will not be a negative post.  I don't write them here -  or on Social Media.  But now that fall is here, I can't say I'm ready for it. 

Understanding that there are some wonderful aspects to the 4th season, I do like the color, some of the weather is fine, and some of the traditions are great.  But what always makes me, and others, a little bit sad, is the fact that summer is over.  I don't really care for long weeks of 95 degrees, but I do like the fact that you know what you're gonna get when you walk outside. Warm.

Fall is the chameleon season. There's the fantastic fall, 65, wonderful golf, colorful leaves, pumpkin flavors, sunny Thanksgivings, wonderfully crisp mornings and evenings.  Then there's the 38 and flurries, with blustery winds, slush, Halloween in the snow, and dark skies, with shorter days.  That is still fall, and there are every imaginable kinds of day in between each. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don't go into some huge depression over this.  I get it, seasons change. And the fact that we have four seasons here is a good lesson, and metaphoric for our lives in general. There are things to be learned from them.  During your life, heck during your week, you will have many different kind of days, and stretches.  And you must live through fall, to survive the winter, to welcome the spring, and to love the summer.  The seasons, and fall in particular, remind us that that life has an admission price.

Maybe in the longest of runs, I may not dislike fall as much as I may profess.  And maybe I hold fall responsible for the end of summer.  But I do know that in order to welcome the next summer that seems so far away, we first must usher in the fall, which has now knocked at our doors.

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