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Oh boy!  The new "thriller" Blackhat is out this week, and we are not better for it.

Blackhat is an ill- advised computer hacker movie that in the end, is a huge waste of money, effort, and time. When will Hollywood figure it out that movies that are made about computers and anything related to them are just not very interesting to watch on screen?  They try here to make this exciting by sprinkling in some action, but it doesn't work.

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Blackhat is the story of a computer hacker who is very skilled, and his first act of terrorism is setting off an attack on a nuclear power plant in China.  He is successful.  Then his next target are Soy Futures on the stock market. What??  Yes, that's true, and he makes a ton of money by hacking into Wall Street and causing a Soy panic.  So the American government is very nervous and they decide to work with the Chinese to try to find this guy.  And they need to hire the best hacker they know. I guy in jail named Hathaway (Liam Hemsworth) to try to break this guys code and bring him in.

But who is our villain?  What does he want?  And why is he doing all of this?  Who is his beef with?  Well, we never really find out. And that is the main and horrible flaw in this piece of junk.  In fact, we really don't even see him till almost 2 hours into this 2 plus hour bore rest.  How is it possible that someone decides to make a movie about international disasters with this super hacker, and they can't even be bothered to invent a villain that we can hate? James Bond has made a half century legacy on that very premise. But these clowns can't be bothered with such things.  There is no one to hate or be afraid of and that just kills this.

This trailer below is amazingly misleading.  Much of this is simply not accurate for the movies actual plot line.

 Instead, they show Hathaway and his team chasing their tails for 2 hours. And we get to watch Hathaway start sleeping with his Chinese counterpart, and the sister of his college roommate who is also working on the case.  What??  All the while the U.S. Government working with them are over-matched and non cooperative for the most part.

This is so full of holes, and absolute ridiculousness that a few words here can't do it justice.  This is also a movie that gets worse every minute the projector is running.  And at the 2 hour mark you realize that you still have some distance to go, it's tough not to walk out.   This is boring, and just downright bad. 

Blackhat. What was anyone connected with this thinking?  Awful!


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