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MOVIE REVIEW - Paddington

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It has taken a long time, but Paddington Bear has finally come to the movies for the family.  And he's right on time!

Paddington Bear is from a series of books written for kids starting in the late 1950's.  Plus, there were tons of toys, and about everything Paddington you could by, and now here he is at the movies.  Paddington the movie, is a wonderful little family movie that is simply a story about finding a home, going home, and family.

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Quickly in our story, little Paddington has to leave the forests of Peru, and travels to London as he was instructed by his own family.  There he hopes to find the explorer that discovered the bears Peru 40 years earlier and live with him.   But instead, Paddington finds a very nice young family named the Browns.  Turns out they need the clumsy, and trouble-finding Paddington as much as he needs them.  All the while, Paddington is being chased by the local taxidermist (Nicole Kidman), so she can add him to her collection.

Paddington is simply the kind of family movie that I wish Hollywood would make more of.  Of course Paddington himself is computer generated, and inserted into a live action movie with real sets and actors.  This is not animated with huge production numbers and dancing and the rest of the classic formula that is old and tired. Paddington is fresh, and fun.  They have created a wonderfully fun little character that is voiced amazingly by Ben Whishaw.  Paddington is a very polite and gentle soul who is fun to root for, and easy to forgive when he causes havoc with the Browns.

Paddington.  About the perfect modern family movie.


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